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After I got sick, I started to think of wellness in a whole new light . . .


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I am available for one-on-one in-person*, Skype or telephone coaching sessions. You can also join one of my popular monthly online groups.

Hi! My name is Angie Alt. I’m a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I've lived all over the US & the world, most recently West Africa. During those travels and over more than a decade, I got progressively more ill. Two years ago I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease (my third autoimmune diagnosis). It was an incredible break through moment for me, as I finally knew what was wrong and could begin to fight effectively for my health. I adopted a Paleo approach to help manage autoimmunity and experienced a miraculous turnaround. I threw myself into learning everything I could about real food, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Celiac Disease is a disease of malnourishment, but as I studied, I quickly realized that our world as a whole is malnourished. As I changed my food, I realized my calling.  I have answered that call through my work as a consultant with The Paleo Mom Consulting and as a blogger at Autoimmune Paleo. I am very excited to use my unique health journey and education in the cutting-edge field of health coaching to help others bravely choose the “road less traveled” in healing their bodies. As your health coach, I act as your ally and a complementary member of your overall healthcare team. I can serve as the “missing link,” helping you develop personal wellness goals and progress toward achieving them. I will simplify the process of using real food and lifestyle changes, so that you feel empowered and able to sustain your health transformation. Having walked the path of illness to wellness myself, I hope to validate your experiences and be a sincere guide as you work toward transformation.

Wishing you wellness!

*in person appointments are only available for local clients

3 thoughts on “Health Coaching

  1. Christie Harris

    I have gluten & wheat intolerance. I have been gluten and grain free for almost a year and loving it!!! I've had digestive issues and migraines for years and they have improved greatly from switching to this new life style. I now want to get certified to help and teach others, because I know from personal experience how this has cured me in so many ways. I was hoping you could tell me if I could do this in the State of Georgia as a Certified Health Coach or if I have to have a four year degree.

    1. Angie Alt

      Post author

      Christie, to my knowledge, Georgia has very tight standards. I think it will be difficult, but you can do more research that may be able to clarify.

  2. Christie

    That's what I have been finding, was tough standards! Was hoping I was reading too much into it but looks like you are correct. Thanks for the response.


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