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The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

It’s finally here!!  The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook: Eating for all Phases of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol has arrived!  Life is about so much more than food . . . and this cookbook covers all the other things that happen when you change your food. The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook will show you how to restore your health with one flavorful, nutritious meal at a time AND inspire you with the stories of wellness transformation. I hope you will love it!  I am so excited to share it with everyone!  CLICK ON THIS LINK to learn ALL THE DETAILS about the book and get your copy today. Oh!  One special announcement!  Thirty ...continue reading

AIP Group Coaching Program

You can join 100's of other folks that have been through the SAD to AIP in SIX program.  They've transformed their lives & you can too!  CLICK THIS LINK to sign-up! May 1st marked my two year AIP-versary!  After two years of following this lifestyle and especially recently with becoming a health coach, I've noticed that there is not a step-by-step process to take a person all the way from Standard American Diet to Autoimmune Protocol in a clear, supportive way.  This leaves a whole segment of the AI population out of the healing loop . . . the group that needs uncomplicated, easy to maintain stages of elimination combined ...continue reading

Introducing The Paleo Mom Consulting

Introducing The Paleo Mom Consulting!

This is a story about lemonade. Some time last fall, Sarah Ballantyne, Mickey Trescott, and I started talking about how we could help the autoimmune community more.  We all blog regularly and run our social media platforms to focus on giving guidance and hope for the AI journey.  In addition, Sarah has written an extensive, amazing resource and Mickey has produced a beautiful cookbook to this end.  There was something not quite tangible enough in those efforts though and we saw it all the time with our fans.  We knew people were in need of deeper support to transform their lives and overcome their conditions.  Our encouragement and resources mattered, ...continue reading

Meet My Clients: What Are They Saying

At the beginning of February I ran a series of posts about my "guinea pig" clients.  These three people were my first long-term clients and helped me learn alot about health coaching as I've worked through my course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition since last July.  I've had the pleasure of working on a short term, more informal basis with lots of folks though.  Some of them literally consulted with me on one phone call and were off and running with that special piece of information or encouragement they needed.  Others checked in every few weeks or months and slowly with my guidance reached amazing health goals.  Still others ...continue reading

Meet My Client: Sean

Meet My Client: Sean

Meet Sean, my third client!  Sean messaged me on my Facebook page in September after he noticed that my fav local farm was right down the road from him.  That's right, Sean was my first local client!  After years of struggling with multiple food and chemical allergies, Sean was noticing things spiraling out of control again and asked if I would be willing to work with him in adopting AIP.  He had dabbled in Paleo and felt that AIP was probably the next best step for him, but felt overwhelmed with the process of making it his new lifestyle.  I was really excited to get to work face-to-face with a ...continue reading

Meet my client - Vanessa

Meet My Client: Vanessa

Meet Vanessa, my second client!  Vanessa approached me in late August through my blog.  She commented that she would love the help that a health coach could offer, but found her options very limited, because she lived in YUKON TERRITORY, Canada.  Holy Moly!  I was impressed with Vanessa from the start, because anyone working to get her health on track from such a remote corner of our planet is already showing remarkable dedication.  Having one client under my belt I knew that the people I wanted to work with needed that level of motivation, so I contacted Vanessa and we started her new journey on September 1. Vanessa is in ...continue reading

Meet My Client: Ashley

Meet My Client: Ashley

Meet Ashley, my very first client!  Ashley approached me through my Facebook page last June & basically said, "I need some help.  Will you coach me?"  I was just getting ready to begin my health coaching program and I knew the opportunity to have some "guinea pig" clients would be a great way for me to learn and grow in my new profession.  I made sure Ashley was okay with being my experiment and after we were certain we'd be a good match, we started Ashley's new journey on July 1. Ashley is in her early 40's and at the time we began working, she had a diagnosis of Hashimoto's ...continue reading

I'm A Health Coach!

I’m A Health Coach!

As many of you know, I started a one year program to become a Certified Health Coach in July.  I made the decision to become a Health Coach, because my experience looking for help with my autoimmune diseases was so confusing and, most of all, lonely.  I had many, many dark days and dead-ends in my search to heal.  My breakthrough came when I received a clear diagnosis of Celiac Disease and learned that it was primarily a disease of malnourishment. As I slowly resolved my health issues through nutritional and lifestyle approaches, it became increasingly clear to me that our world, as a whole, is malnourished.  In the U.S. ...continue reading

I Know What I Want To Be When I Grow-up

I Know What I Want To Be When I Grow-up

Guess what people?  I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow-up.  It's been an interesting journey for me and I've tried my hand at lots of different gigs.  You know I like me a list, so here's a list:Things I've Done For Money Fry Cook (I literally fried things in a restaurant) Cashier (in a tiny grocery store) Nanny (on a ranch in the middle of nowhere) Assistant to English Professor (oh work study jobs) Au-Pair (I got to live in Holland!) Front Desk Clerk (multiple hotels, very bad uniforms) Telemarketer (it is exactly the nightmare you are imagining) Sawmill Secretary (I weighed timber loads on ...continue reading

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  1. michelle

    Good day!

    Thank you for sharing your story onendometriosis . I was wondering if you ever considered contacting Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers, MD, is the founder and director of the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction (located in Omaha, Nebraska and home of its National Center for Women’s Health), where he is also the senior medical consultant in obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive medicine and surgery, He's one of the best in the country that has treated & cured several close friends.

    Knowledge is power and he definitely specializes in this area. Contact info.:
    National Center for Women’s Health
    For medical questions:
    (402) 390-9167 or
    Terri Green (Dr. Hilgers’ personal administrator)
    For clinic questions:
    (402) 390-6600 Linda Cady (Dr. Hilgers’ head nurse).

    Hope this info. helps you or others:D


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