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  1. Rebecca

    Where have you been since September? LOL!! I am connected with numerous sites and SO GLAD to finally have found you through PaleoMOM. My daughter and I were both diagnosed with Hashimoto last September and I possibly with IBS. We have been working with a natural medicine doctor which has been great with blood/stool tests, but they aren't the best with diet. She actually told me that if "nightshades" didn't upset my stomach I could have them!! My Young Living Essential Oils contact (who was healed of auto-immune) said "nightshades" will build up toxins in your liver and fuel auto-immune, whether you feel it in your gut or not!!

    My question is this, in your testimony, you shared about an auto-immune skin issue. Oh, help, and please tell me what you did for it?! I thought I may have shingles or something. I know you are not a doctor, but I feel they would only give me a steriod cream which I don't want to take due to trying to desperately heal my leaky gut. On my rib cage I have an itchy rash that can just burn! If I even itch my shin too much, a rash will appear. I've been dealing with itchy skin for years and just thought it was dry skin, but it is getting worse. I just use a high-quality, gluten-free lotion or lavendar (no synthetics) essential oil.

    God Bless you for your help!!

  2. Staci

    So many of your blogs are wonderful with great information but I love this one as it let's us voyeurs get to know you a bit. Your journey is an amazing one and gives us all hope that we too can heal.
    Continued success to you!

  3. Today is my first day of the Autoimmune Paleo Lifestlye.

    I too suffer from a ridiculous amount of autoimmune problems, from PCOS to the rarest form of Encephalitis (NMDA - where your own body produces antibodies which attack your brain) and they now think I could possible have Crohn's Disease and if not that celiacs. After spending the last three years taking copious amounts of immunotherapy and drugs I have come to the stage where I want to take back some control. I am fed up of feeling rubbish all the time, and whilst I have always eaten well and exercised regularly I think it is time to change.

    I have purchased the cookbook, done a massive online shop of only paleo friendly items and tried to follow as many other bloggers and tweeters as possible to get support. Then I came across your blog. I would just like to say, Thank You. This is exactly what I needed to read on my first day, your story is inspirational and after reading your husband's post I am pleased to see that there are still some gooduns out there (next job is to find myself one!).

    I look forward to having the time to properly look through your blog and will be sneaking some recipes for sure!

    Have you got any tips for someone that is just starting out?

    From one autoimmune sufferer to another, Thank YOU!

    Liz x

  4. Shawnee

    I noticed you were wearing a Montana shirt in one of your pics. Are you from Montana? We have very little support systems for people with food issues here in MT. just curious. Thanks

    1. Angie Alt

      Post author

      I am from Montana, Shawnee!! Home sweet home. I live on the East Coast now, but MT is first love. I know the support out there is really tough, but I think the tide is turning. Soon I believe there will be a lot of support everywhere. This is a revolution!! 😉

  5. Stephanie

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! At the ripe age of 34, I have 4 autoimmune diseases - granuloma anulare (skin condition), autoimmune hepatitis, graves disease (for which I had my thyroid ablated at a young age), and just in May of this year was diagnosed (to my shock!!) with Celiac disease. Unlike you, I had no symptoms and glad to have caught it by dumb luck before any real damage had been done to my intestines. I am on a mission to clear up my worsening skin issues which I excitedly (and now know naively) thought would clear up the instant I stopped eating gluten. It is now 7 months later and when my GA worsened and I began losing my hair I knew it was time to take this into my own hands. I dived head first into research surrounding autoimmune diseases and the causes and have not stopped reading since!!! It has led me to the paleo lifestyle and your website, among many other experts and voices in this community. How grateful I am for all the wonderful information and to know I am not alone in this battle. I know I must be patient for the hair loss and clearing up of my skin condition...it won't happen overnight, but at least I have gotten my thyroid, iron, vitamin D and other levels back within normal range and am taking the supplements I need and only eating food that will nourish me, not cause inflammation. I have turned to acupuncture and alternative medicine as conventional medicine seems to fail most of us on this journey. While I always was very active and felt healthy (honestly!), and I know I am a lucky one with so many AI diseases, I do now realize that my feeling healthy probably wasn't the same definition as someone without AI diseases. I luckily had no issues getting pregnant twice, and now my joint pain (which I chalked up to being hereditary - my dad has RA) is now gone! Love my new diet, new lifestyle, and hope for wonderful results in 2015 and never turning back! Thank you for sharing your story and giving those of us with similar battles hope and support that our new lifestyle and diet is not just a fad, but an absolute necessity for our own optimal health. Happy Holidays!!

  6. I couldn't have come across your blog at a better time. I've been suffering with autoimmune diseases for four years now, and I've heard nothing but new diagnosis after new diagnosis, failed treatments and my body fights against my medications. I knew of "autoimmune protocol" diet, but I'd never put it into practice, but after my latest diagnosis, I've began reading up on it. Anyway, I'm so glad I came across your blog, because this is really going to help me as I begin to heal my body via food. So thanks again for writing this blog!

    Cheers from Maui!

  7. Cheryl

    So glad I found your site! I have hashimoto's but what is really driving our family to AIP is that my husband has CIDP (although the doctor's aren't entirely sure). Essentially, his body is attacking the nerve cells in his legs and he has trouble walking and his legs are extremely weak. He's started on IVIG therapy and our NP wants us to also adopt AIP (he has a neuromuscular specialist as well). The ironic thing is that he adopted a healthy diet, stopped smoking and lost 20 pounds and then the issues with his legs started.

    We've signed up for your six weeks SAD to AIP and will be taking the journey as a family.


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