Announcing The New Autoimmune Paleo!

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Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2015? Also, where are the flying cars already? I’ve been waiting since at least 2000.

Let me get on with it and tell you the big news you really came here for . . . as of today, Mickey Trescott and I will be blogging together at Autoimmune Paleo. What in the world does that mean? Mostly, it means serving the AIP community is still incredibly important to Mickey and I, but we didn’t want to take on this mission alone anymore. We decided to join forces and blog together at her site, Autoimmune Paleo, as well as share articles, recipes, and other resources from a rapidly growing group of talented AIP bloggers. We want to give you all the great content you’ve loved getting from us for years, but we want to offer you more and we want you to be able to find it in one simple spot!

Mickey and I met back in 2012. Our healing journeys were relatively new and we were two of only a handful of AIP voices on the web. Between us we were battling five autoimmune diseases, including Celiac disease. A strong friendship developed and we began collaborating more and more.

Over the course of 2014, as the AIP community grew rapidly, we realized that it was not sustainable for us to continue as solo bloggers. We both wanted to keep contributing to the community, but we couldn’t do that and “practice what we preach.” For us, modeling AIP diet and lifestyle ideals for those on the autoimmune journey meant being committed, even if it required approaching our careers differently.

We started kicking around some ideas and in September we decided the best way forward was together! We agreed to combine our efforts and blog together. Our goal is to build a community where anyone suffering with chronic illness can seek wellness and feel supported by a wide variety of resources specific to the healing journey.

Leaving Alt-Ternative Autoimmune was not a light decision for me. I actually began this blog in 2009, telling the stories of my family’s adjustment to life in West Africa. Every word I ever published here was a labor of love and a heartfelt attempt at connecting with others. The site will still be here, but we will soon be moving the best of the best to Autoimmune Paleo, where you will also find new content from me. Telling the honest, helpful, and often vulnerable stories of autoimmunity is still my labor of love. Connecting with all of you is still my heartfelt intention. But now I’m going to do my storytelling with a friend at my side. See you at Autoimmune Paleo!!!

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5 thoughts on “Announcing The New Autoimmune Paleo!

  1. Leslie

    Angie, thank you for this labor of love. We couldn't do it without you! Thank you for caring so much about quality of content and practicing what you preach. I'm looking forward to seeing what the year has in store for this new endeavor, and will certainly follow you there!

  2. Stories of autoimmunity is what I am looking for and hope you continue to tell. I have been told to do the FODMap for my autoimmune based stomach disorders... have you heard of that?


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