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UPDATE:  This giveaway is over.  The winner was Melissa S.  Congrats to Melissa!  Go checkout this book folks and join me on Instagram at !  You will not be disappointed in the cookbook and hopefully you'll have fun with me on IG too!

I've been trying really hard for a long time now to practice as much balance as I can with social media.  It sorta' has a way of taking over our lives, especially the lives of bloggers.  One way I've tried to hold the line is by limiting my social media accounts.  Another way I try to practice balance is by using a dumb phone.  That's right . . . I don't own a super cool smart phone, I own a slider from, like, probably 1999.  I know it is totally lame, but honestly all I want my phone to do is make a call (granted my phone is so old I basically have to get in a time machine to make the call, but that's beside the point).  Limiting the number of accounts I have & not owning a smart phone meant that I wasn't hanging out at the most happening spot on the internet though.  You guys know the spot I'm talking about . . . INSTAGRAM!  But I didn't care, I told folks my getting a smart phone & joining Instagram would essentially herald the End Times.

Signs of The End Times:

  • War
  • Famine
  • False Prophets
  • Angie joining Instagram

My AIP soul-sister, Mickey, of Autoimmune Paleo, came to stay with me a few weeks ago though & like a true sister, she gave it to me straight.  "Angie, you need to get real & get on Instagram."  We went to party with some local bloggers & they all ganged up on me.  Naturally, I succumbed to peer pressure like a total weakling.  Geez!  Good thing they weren't drug dealers!  I could have easily ended up a junkie on the streets in a matter of weeks thanks to their extreme pressure tactics.  LOL!

You can find me on Instagram HERE now.  My smart phone has been ordered & in the mean time I'm lugging around my Ipad & learning the ropes.  I'll admit all the pictures are alot of fun to peruse & I hope soon I'll have lots of interesting stuff for you guys to check out.  So far you can probably find me at the hashtag #noideawhatiamdoing .  Hahaha!


So, let's get to the point, this is a giveaway after all!!  I'd love to have you join me (& teach me!) on Instagram & I wanna' sweeten the deal.  I have a brand new, SIGNED copy of The Paleo Approach Cookbook by our favorite lady, Sarah Ballatyne (aka The Paleo Mom).  You can win it by following me on Instagram!  All you have to do to enter is follow my Instagram account: & leave a comment on the picture of The Paleo Approach Cookook.  One of the comments will be chosen at random & I'll announce a winner on October 12, 2014.  I'll ship anywhere in the world, so get in there Australia, NZ, & Europe (I know you guys are around!).  Can't wait to hang out with on Instagram!!

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3 thoughts on “The Instagram Giveaway

  1. Pat Plum

    Ha ha, Angie, this clinched the deal for me - I've finally joined Instagram too -
    to follow you. Thanks!! Looking forward to your posts!


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