My Two Year Paleo-Versary


Update:  A winner was chosen for this giveaway.  Thanks for celebrating with me!

Today is my two year Paleo-Versary!  I was so busy doing life, that I forgot about it!!  I was on a phone call with a client & I looked at my calendar & suddenly remembered . . . today is the day.  I've been living this lifestyle for two full years and the positive changes have been amazing.

What are those positive changes?  Let me regale you with my favorite . . . a list!

  • My Celiac Disease is well controlled using a version of Paleo, the AutoImmune Protocol.  Shout out to the AIPers, I know you guys are rockstars!!
  • My Endometriosis, although not completely healed, has in many ways improved.
  • I spend 98% of my time free of all my former confusing, upsetting AI symptoms.
  • My mental & emotional health are 110% improved.  I feel calm, capable, & happy now.
  • My family is healthier.
  • I LOVE cooking & LOVE the food I eat.
  • I have a new career, Health Coaching, & it's all because of this journey!!

Honestly, I could go on & on, but what I really want to do is share the Paleo life with other folks.  So, to celebrate my Paleo-versary I am giving away a spot in my group program, SAD to AIP in SIX.  You can read all about it here.  Entering the giveaway is easy.  Just leave a comment on this post telling me what part of the Paleo lifestyle you enjoy the most or, if you haven't gotten started yet, which part of the Paleo lifestyle you are most interested in.  The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

Thanks for helping me celebrate everyone!  Living this life is easier, 'cause I have so many awesome cheerleaders out there.  Happy Paleo-Versary to me!  😉

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19 thoughts on “My Two Year Paleo-Versary

  1. Amy Meckle

    Congratulations Angie! I've most enjoyed getting rid of daily GI pain & discomfort. A secondary & surprising enjoyment is that I've never cooked much & I realized I enjoy it. I am looking forward to improved healing though so I will have more energy to pursue all the recipes & ideas I have pinned & saved! p.s. I am so excited you are celebrating two years & now us beginners have the opportunity to learn from your experiences!

  2. Heather

    I've most enjoyed that my family is doing this together. I never would have guessed my husband would do this, and I thought there would be much more resistance from the kids.

  3. Kristin

    I'm in the very beginning stages....just starting to learn more and would love to adopt a healthier lifestyle for my family. This would be an answer to prayer!

  4. Robin Shaw

    What I love the most about Paleo and AIP is how I have learned that what I do, or rather don't put in my mouth directly affects my MS symptoms and I AM IN CONTROL! It's like I have been given back the reins, and it feels so fantastic!!!

  5. Pamela B.

    This might sound odd, but I felt better on a spiritual level when I ate AIP. In the not-so-odd, I found that my joint pain in my fingers was dramatically reduced nearly to elimination on AIP. Unfortunately I have since fallen off the wagon and could really use the help of SAD to AIP in SIX.

    1. Angie Alt

      Post author

      Pamela, I don't think feeling better in a spiritual way is odd at all. I think w/ time lots of folks feel that same sense.

  6. Manon

    Hi Angela ! I've been reading a few of your blog posts, and I just watched your video chat with Mickey, Whitney and Christina. Very poignant and inspiring. I love that paleo makes me eat real food. Happy paleo-versary !

  7. Cinda

    I love that AIP has helped me control migraines! I am undiagnosed celiac my daughter is diagnosed and father had intestinal cancer) and I react horrible to gluten 🙂 sooo I don't need a doc to confirm! I have had mostly neurological problems, that have reduced greatly since starting AIP a month ago! I would love more info though as we can never stop learning.

  8. Diana

    Hi Angie, Happy Anniversary!

    I've been on the paleo diet for 7 months and noticed many improvements in my health condition. But I feel that I'm still missing some of the life joy and that my health can be better. Actually, today in the morning I have decided to try AIP protocol for 30 days, but then, when searching literature, I got lost with all these additional approaches and GAPS, low FODMAP , etc. I wish somebody could clear all these sides for me

  9. Hilly

    Hi Angie, and congratulations on your AIP anniversary!

    I have celiac disease, amongst other autoimmune nonsense, and have spent years trying to navigate a gluten-free road for myself in a gluten-obsessed world. So, what I like best about paleo/AIP is that I can access good whole-food recipes that don't contain odd ingredients such as xantham gum.

    I also love that I have access to a huge group of friendly, supportive people worldwide who don't think I'm a freak because I don't eat gluten.

    Keep up the good work!


  10. Amy

    I have read a lot about paleo and AIP, and am intellectually convinced I would do a lot better with this way of eating but still feel some resistance, must be emotional and habit. It's really helpful to hear how others are improving.

  11. Jayme

    Kudos to you for being able to do this for 2 YEARS!!! What I like about Paleo is knowing I have some control over my RA. BUT I have recently started cheating and am truly frustrated with myself... I would love to have a support system!!!

  12. Rosalia Lerner

    My favorite part about eating paleo is how it makes me feel. I am 26 and have been living with the intense pain or RA for the past two year, in January I started on the paleo diet and have felt so much better. My pain is more manageable.

  13. Monica

    I'm grateful for the increased sense of calm and reduction in mind chatter. Hoping for further improvements in mental/emotional health as I transition into AIP. Congratulations on your 2 years!

  14. Lisa S

    I would love to be a part! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in September. I have fully adopted the AIP within the last 3 weeks, but still struggling with my Celiac Disease and Hashimotos. I love the support that your site, recipes and youtube videos provide!

  15. Desiree D

    I would love to be a part of your program. I have yet to start. Putting it all together and into action has been difficult as well as fitting it into our budget. I've been sick for majority of my life and I think AIP could be the answer to a lot of my health issues. Congrats on your 2 years 🙂

  16. Carey

    Congratulations, Angie! So pleased for you and always admiring of your enthusiasm for supporting others. Way to go!


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