Body Odor, Oh My!

Things I Did Not Smell Like:  Flowers.
Things I Did Not Smell Like: Flowers

I would like to be very real with you guys . . . I used to be the stinky girl.  It's embarrassing and kinda' sad, but it is the truth.  Back in December of 2012, I declared my intention to get all the poisons out of my beauty routine.  I started using the No Poo Method to cleanse my hair, I started using oil to wash my face, I had already switched my body wash to a pure castille soap, & all my makeup was, at very least, gluten free.  There was this one thing left . . . deodorant.

I used to have a severe sweating problem.  It wasn't very smelly sweat, but I sweated profusely.  You are going to think this is crazy, but it was connected to undiagnosed Celiac disease.  I would sweat like crazy under stress & I also often sweated like crazy after a meal.  I used to think that my metabolism was so out of control that I'd start burning calories the very moment I ate.  Now, I know that I was having the same "stress sweat" reaction to eating gluten-filled meals, that I had to other forms of stress.  To my body, ingesting gluten in nearly every meal WAS stressful . . . hence the sweating.

Well, after I went gluten-free & then went AIP, the crazy sweat attacks stopped.  I didn't need prescription strength antiperspirant, but I had a new problem.  With the major change in my diet, the sweat I did produce was . . . uh . . . stinky.  I managed to find a gluten and soy free deodorant that smelled nice, but it still had tons of chemicals in it.  I'd made it to that December 2012 moment where I declared my goal to remove the poisons in my self care, so I started to look in earnest for something new.

After lots of trial and error and smelling bad, I reached out to my fellow autoimmune bloggers.  It was a humbling moment admitting that I was the stinky girl in the group, but I knew they'd understand.  I asked if anyone had some tips.  A recipe was shared for DIY deodorant, which I tried out.  It worked, but honestly, I was too lazy to keep making it.  Ridiculous excuse, right?  Too lazy to do something about your stinky armpits, Angie?  Really?  I confess.

And then, the perfect answer.  My sweet, non-judgey pal, The Paleo Mom, said, "Try this stuff.  It works great."  She was talking about Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist.  This stuff is basically only salt water spray for your underarms, but through a miracle of non-smelly magic . . . it worked!  I didn't have to make it myself.  It wasn't messy to apply.  It didn't get on my clothes.  It didn't make me smell like a synthetic air freshener explosion or like patchouli hippie heaven (I know you know those dirty hippie deodorant brands I'm talking about here).  It was so simple!  My husband was interested in holding hands again and my daughter wasn't repelled when I lifted my arms to hug her.  Best of all, it was so cheap.  I've been using the same $8 bottle for a loooong time.  When I travel, I just dump a little into a tiny travel-sized spray bottle.  And smelling decent doesn't POISON me!!

So, if you have this problem, the smelly one, I highly recommend trying Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist out.  I promise not to judge you.  I've totally been the stinky girl too.

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14 thoughts on “Body Odor, Oh My!

  1. Cindy

    I switched to crystal deodorant when my daughter was ready to start using deodorant. I had long been concerned about anti-perspirants and how they can hinder lymphatic function, and also didn't want the chemicals in my little girl's body!
    I didn't believe it would actually work, but against my skepticism I took the leap. The upshot? Over ten years later, I am still using crystal deodorant; in fact, the crystal stick I am using at the moment has been in daily service at least 5 or 6 years, probably longer - too long to remember! Not bad for under $10 AU hey!
    I live in the sub-tropical humid climate of Queensland Australia and never ever smell bad using this stuff - I can't recommend it highly enough. Unfortunately, my daughter has become a dedicated user of aerosol sprays, sigh. You can lead a horse to water.....

    1. Kara

      I know that most crystal deodorants (you know the popular brand that is lavender clear packaging) has ALUMINUM in it. "potassium alum"....not. good.
      Most people with AID have heavy metal toxicity....but aluminum is bad for anyone with AID. I used Crystal brand for years, it said NO ALUMINUM on the front (different story when you read the label) It's not safe for pregnant women.

      There are lots of non toxic deodorants out there (I use Ava Anderson)

  2. Kate

    I use a solid form (the "crystal"), have for years and love it! I used to be very stinky and very sweaty, but getting to nearly-AIP has helped with that for me! However, I have to limit certain foods that are otherwise safe on AIP because I get that same sweaty reaction to those like you mentioned w gluten (which I would get too!). I think it is amazing to be able to understand our bodies now and realize whay is happening instead of just feeling like we are being taken along for the ride.

      1. Carisa

        Thanks. I assumed that was the case but wasn't sure. Thanks for the encouragement to go AIP. I FINALLY feel like I'm making progress on my hashimitos symptoms. So far I can tolerate egg yolks but not chocolate.

        Ordering some of this today. 🙂

  3. Kris

    Hah, I can relate. I've been through just about every natural deodorant out there in the quest to find something that works (I too have celiac). Ugh. I've never seen the kind you suggested before- but I did recently read the crystal deodorants are actually bad for you as well because they also contain aluminum, just it is disguised under another name (typically potassium alum). See here:
    I couldn't find the list of ingredients for the thai crystal, but as it is a crystal deodorant I'd assume that it has it?

  4. Zizzy

    I've read that crystal deodorants are not as safe as they seem because they contain alum, a form of aluminum (the active ingredient in anti- perspirants) . Have you looked into this? I'd love for it to be wrong. I had serious underarm issues and discovered magnesium oil spray is an amazing deodorant!!

  5. Rae

    Truly these crystal deodorants all have forms of aluminum. That's why they work. Not as safe as you might think. I'm surprised Sarah hasn't looked at the science. There's a relevant science-y article at the peoples pharmacy website. Please check on this and do an update.

  6. Well this is an interesting and honest post. I use Crystal deodorant too. everyone else in my house thinks I'm a little crazy and can't possible have any body odour because they just cannot believe it works and keep poisoning themselves with aluminium based deodorants.

  7. Melissa

    I totally hear you on the too-lazy-to-make-my-own, lol!! Plus my recipe was darkening the skin in my pits, and I seriously think it was also making my pit hair grow way faster! I heard the same complaints from someone else on one of my Facebook Crunchy pages (haha) and she said she was convinced it was because of the effect the baking soda on the skin's ph. She said she was combating the reaction by misting her pits with good ol' Apple Cider Vinegar first, letting it dry, then applying the deodorant (similar to the way us no-poo-ers balance the BS wash with the ACV rinse!). I decided to try that but on the 2nd or 3rd day, I forgot to apply the deodorant afterwards!! I realized while we were out and freaked, asking my husband if he could smell me, lol. He said no, and I couldn't really smell anything either, but waited til I got home to get a really good sniff, lol- nothing!! Lo and behold, plain old ACV actually works better than anything else I've tried, including regular deodorant!!! Can you believe it??!! ACV is a modern miracle, lol!! Now, before I get out of the shower, I just spritz my pits with straight ACV (organic, with the mother) and dry everything but my pits, letting the ACV dry on it's own (I usually lay on the bed under the fan to cool off after a shower anyway, because I always get super hot). Since I am a SAH wife, I don't really need to shower every day and the ACV works just as well on the 2nd (or, I admit it! the 3rd) day!! 🙂

  8. bee

    The crystal deodorants didn't work very well for me. I now use deodorants by Herban Cowboy (found on Amazon). I use the Forest scent, and some say it is very masculine, but I don't mind that. It smells intoxicatingly wonderful. No propylene glycol, aluminum, or triclosan. It works pretty great; the herbs do a good job of covering up any stink.

  9. Jean

    I developed an allergic reaction to crystal deodorant, whether solid or spray.

    I will second the recommendation of apple cider vinegar. I found for myself, just ACV isn't enough. It doesn't last all day by itself. I did find that adding a few essential oils gives it lasting power. After analyzing one natural (but expensive!) deodorant I had used, I hit on adding 10 drops lavender, 5 drops lemon, and 5 drops lime EO to about 4 oz. organic ACV in a spray bottle. Shake well. Works beautifully for me. Have been using daily for five years, and no allergic reaction so far.


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