My Five Year Blog Anniversary & Giveaway

BlogUpdate:  The giveaway is over & Vix Willis was the winner!  Thanks for reading & celebrating my anniversary w/ me!

Today is my five year blogging anniversary and I'm celebrating with a giveaway!!  I started blogging in 2009 about my family's life overseas.  We lived in Guinea and Sierra Leone, two developing countries in West Africa.  It was a crazy adventure, made all the more crazy by my undiagnosed autoimmune diseases, not least of which was Celiac.

Those stories are no longer public, but to celebrate my anniversary, I decided to share a video tour, on my Facebook page, of the tiny kitchen I called home in Sierra Leone.  I thought showing you a piece of my life from the early days of my blog would be a fun way to mark the day.  Being so sick, with an unidentified illness, in a place with almost no medical care was NOT awesome.  However, it has been just over two years since I returned to the United States and in that time I've reflected alot on what I gained during my time in Africa.  It may seem strange, but the adjustments of that period have been HUGE in my ability to make the best of my diagnoses and happily adapt to the AIP lifestyle.

A bit about the video . . . at the time I was making little videos about our life and home for my niece and nephew back in the U.S.  Don't mind the "baby" voice.  It was a very small kitchen, in fact, my bedroom closet today is the same size!!  I worked every single day in that kitchen with my beautiful friend and housekeeper, Nancy.  We managed to make lots of delicious food, both American and African, despite limited space and resources (adapting to the restrictions of AIP was actually not that hard for me after adapting to what is/is not available in a typical West African supermarket.)  And for those of you that will note it . . . YES!  Having the propane tanks right next to the stove is VERY dangerous.  Sometimes life there required a person to get pretty cowboy!

Now the important part . . . the giveaway.  To bring things full circle, my blogging anniversary giveaway is all about my life right NOW.  I am giving away a one hour health coaching consult with a 30-minute follow-up!  This is worth over $200.00!  We'll meet over phone or Skype and talk about your health, concerns, and goals.  Then we'll put together a very basic plan for you and two weeks later we'll meet again to chat for a half hour about how things are going.  The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

Here's how to enter the giveaway:

1)  If you haven't liked my Facebook page, go give it a like.

2)  Watch the short one minute long video about my tiny African kitchen & leave a comment there about interesting food circumstances you've had to adapt to in your life.  Bonus points if that circumstance occurred in a foreign country.

3)  The giveaway ends at 6 AM EST on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.  Check back on Facebook for the winner announcement tomorrow.

Thanks for being here!  This blog adventure has been life changing for me!

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  1. jillian sims

    well at my church on sunday they serve i adapt by not looking at the donuts and bringing some yogurt,apple and jerky for snacks.


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