Book Review: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

AIPCookbookCoverHave you ever had a friend that really, really pushes you?  I don't mean pushes your buttons, I mean pushes you to be a better you.  This kind of friend is usually completely awesome at what they do.  The kind of awesome that leaves you going, "How in the world is she so damn good at that?"  Here's where the push part comes though . . . instead of that leaving you feeling deflated and jealous, this friend has a way of being so encouraging that you wake up earlier, work harder, and learn faster, so that you too might one day be "completely awesome at what you do."  This friend is so inspiring with the work she produces, that you become more willing to push yourself beyond your normal comfort zone, so that you can refine your own talent in similar ways.  Mickey Trescott is that friend for me and her new cookbook, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, is the work that inspires me. 

Mickey's book is the first ever completely AIP cookbook to enter the Paleo world and she has set the bar VERY, VERY HIGH for any other aspiring AIP cookbook writer.  If writing a cookbook is not in your wheel house, but both healing and eating well are, this book is going to blow you away.  Healing has never looked so beautiful on a plate or tasted so good in your mouth!

So, in my typical fashion, let me make this book review short and sweet with a simple list about why I love The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook:

1)  It's beautiful.  Ever self-published and self-distributed a 314 page cookbook and had it turn out to be a gorgeous masterpiece?  Me either.  Mickey has done it though.  Every single photo in this book is a pleasure to look at and every recipe is a breeze to follow, thanks to expert photography and precise design and lay-out.  Also, can I say that I am a font brat.  Well-chosen fonts make such a difference in a polished, finished product and even that detail is perfect in this cookbook.  Just take a look at page 290.  Have you ever seen a more attractive picture of popsicles in your life?  Until I opened this book I thought of popsicles as a messy, annoying childhood treat, not a sophisticated, healing indulgence for adults.

2)  It's easy.  If you're one of the thousands of people attempting to heal using an autoimmune version of Paleo right now, you know it is not for wussies.  It is a restrictive diet and requires enormous dedication in the kitchen.  Starting is usually an intense period of adjustment and mourning for most folks.  The healing that comes later makes it all so worth it, but nonetheless, beginning is difficult.  NOW, there's Mickey's book though and all of that is changed!  If I'd had this resource two years ago, my start would have been completely different.  All the work I needed to do to prep food would have been straight forward with Mickey's expert guidance.  And the sense of loss, of all my favorite foods, it would have passed within minutes of opening the book and feasting my eyes on all the delicious options Mickey has made available.  Her creativity and expertise in the book will ease the transition so much, you may not even realize it was work until it's over.

3)  It's sensitive.  How can a book be sensitive?  That's a weird thing to throw in a book review, right?  At the start of my AI journey, I felt so alone.  To be frank, even though I recognized that AIP was going to work, the diet itself felt even more isolating.  The Paleo Autoimmune Cookbook shows you that life on a healing protocol can be full, uncomplicated, and appetizing.  Mickey has included photos of sharing amazing meals with a whole group of friends.  She's given careful explanations and directions on how to make this diet a part of your health care, with detailed menus and shopping lists.  And, importantly, she's shown us that she knows first hand how critical it is to keep "yummy" in the vocabulary of those healing.  Having done the AI journey herself, Mickey was the perfect author for this cookbook, because she had a unique sensitivity to the needs of the AI crowd.

I was not paid to write this review.  I'm not going to personally benefit from its sales.  I can however recommend, without any reservations, that you buy this book.  It is motivating me daily.  Imagine how it might change your life?  You can find The Paleo Autoimmune Cookbook here.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

  1. Ashley S.

    Great review! I ordered my copy through amazon and cannot wait for it to arrive. So great to have a strictly AIP resource in our toolbox for healing. So excited!

  2. Annie Conley

    Thanks for the great review, Angie. I have to limit myself because of my "book addiction", or I'd spend all my time reading books about - rather than doing what I'm learning. I've made this my "one book for the month" and I'm really looking forward to it!

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