Book Review: The Paleo Approach

You might have noticed something about my blog . . . I don't write book reviews.  Ever.  The reason I don't write reviews is that there are so many books I love.  So many.  If I narrow it down to only the Paleo books I love (shockingly, I do love things outside the Paleo realm), there are still just so, so many.  How can I possibly read them all and then offer thorough, well-thought out reviews for my readers?  We are lucky, 'cause the Paleo community is full of intelligent peeps putting out great info, but it means there are literally thousands of pages of material to read.  My approach to this, in order to preserve my sanity, has been to read what I need from the various resources and not include book reviews as part of what I offer my audience.


And then The Paleo Approach by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne hit the shelves.  I knew I'd have to change my book reviewing policy, 'cause this book is specifically for MY CORNER of the Paleo world.  My people are the ones this book was written for and I want to make sure that the word gets out that there is a brand-new, incredibly comprehensive resource written just for us.  You know who I'm talking about, right?  Autoimmune folks!  We now have a complete guide to the version of the Paleo lifestyle that is specifically meant for our journey!

So let me make this book review short & sweet, with a list.  You knew I was going to use a list, right?!

Reasons I Love The Paleo Approach:

1)  All the science is there.  I am the kind of woman that needs to know "why."  I'm happy to try new ways of solving my health problems, but I have to know why one method works over another.  When I first took on the protocol Sarah recommends, almost two years ago, there were not alot of resources on using Paleo to tackle autoimmune issues.  Sarah's blog was like hitting the jackpot though, as it had the very easy to digest "why" that I wanted.  In her book she takes the science to a whole new level and, in so doing, reveals her genuine respect for her audience.  In fact, in the opening pages of the book Sarah specifically says she believes the public is capable of understanding complex science.  I could not agree more and with her as the teacher, it is not a chore.  I believe this book will become a must-read textbook for health practitioners of all kinds, but it is not your average, dreaded, dry science text.  It's more like a clear, comfortable, easy conversation.

2)  All the how-to is there.  Once again, I think about everything I love (and that you probably love too) about the stellar how-to guidance that Sarah provides on her blog.  It was exactly what I needed in my early Paleo transition and frankly, the resource I still most often return to when I am stuck.  In the book, she takes it the extra mile.  Step-by-step Sarah lays out not only how to adapt the Paleo diet to battle autoimmunity, but also how to adapt our lifestyles.  You come away not only knowing how to adjust all those lifestyle factors, but also why it matters that much more for those with autoimmune disease.  Do you know that your healing isn't progressing as expected?  Sarah has that how-to area covered as well, with a whole section devoted to troubleshooting.  To be perfectly honest, I am totally reevaluating my current health status and planning to follow a new foods reintroduction path based on all the detailed guidance in the book.

3)  I know it works.  I love The Paleo Approach, because I know it works.  It completely, dramatically changed my life and the lives of so many others.  Sarah thought to include us in the book too (let's face it, she didn't forget anything).  All our stories openly share what the road from illness to health looks like when you use this approach.  And, in all honesty, that is what matters most to me.  The more diminished my life became due to autoimmunity, the harder it was to find answers, the more isolated I felt.  I thought I was the only one, but now I have a huge support system.  There is a whole community out here and Sarah has provided a truly impressive point where we can join together and start conquering AI.

I was not paid to write this review.  I'm not going to personally benefit from its sales.  I hope you'll pick up a copy, because there are over 50 million Americans with autoimmune diseases and this book is going to change how we help those people.  If you are one of the 50 million, this book is the answer to your question, "Can I ever feel good again?"  You can find The Paleo Approach here.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Paleo Approach

  1. Ashley S.

    I am reading the book...slowly. There is a lot of information and I know it will be helpful to me and many others. I think everyone with autoimmune should have this book in their toolbox. Now we wait for the cookbook. 🙂


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