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Earlier this month a fan, Tracey, of my blog posted a question, "Hi Angie, I see you posted 'No Poo Results' 11 months ago.  I was wondering if you are still a 'no poo' ambassador?  I am thinking of giving it a try."  I thought it was a great question and deserved a good update blog.  The last time I followed the traditional hair cleansing routine was over a year ago.  January 7, 2013 was the last time I used regular shampoo followed up by conditioner.

That said, I am not strictly "No Poo" any longer, I have become a "Low Poo" convert.  I loved "No Poo" and used it religiously as described in my original post here .  Then early this past fall, I started to notice that my scalp was getting too dry from the baking soda wash.  The flakes were less than attractive.

I decided to switch things up and see what happened, so I used a clarifying shampoo, but kept the apple cider vinegar rinse.  It worked great, no more flakey, dry scalp.  I didn't love to use the clarifying shampoo regularly though, because I am not a fan of the chemicals.  I switched to Dr. Bronners liquid soap with ACV as a conditioning rinse.  I follow the wash and rinse every four days pattern.  My hair is amazing!  And it has grown more in the last four or five months, than it did in the last three years!  Take a look:

Before:  Jan. 7, 2013.  Ugh.  Frizzy & not growing at all.
Before: Jan. 7, 2013. Ugh. Frizzy & not growing at all.
After:  Jan. 21, 2014.  Much healthier & longer!
After: Jan. 21, 2014. Much healthier & longer!









Here's the big take aways of the "Low Poo" method for me:

1)  I am paying the beauty industry just a bit of money, if you consider Dr. Bronners a beauty product.  However, I haven't bought a new bottle to wash my hair with since October!  Washing every four days means I don't have to spend as much on this stuff.  Plus, the quality of non-chemical, clean products like Bronners can be felt.  Literally.  While I am washing I can feel my hair change and I know when I've stimulated my scalp just enough.  I even know, BEFORE, I get out of the shower if it's going to be a great hair day or a so-so one.  Chemicalized products prevent us from knowing our body's natural modes, even our hair.

2)  My hubby still likes the natural me better.  That pretty much seals the deal for me that I don't need to go back to those other products.

3)  Again, just like I felt a year ago, this is easier.  Waaay easier!  I've got better things to do then my hair.

Are any of you doing No or Low Poo?  Tell me how it's going.  Have you made it out of the awkward oily phase & figured out the right methods & mixtures for you?

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23 thoughts on “No Poo Results: An Update Blog

  1. Thanks for the update. I stopped shampooing years ago after reading the book Curly Girl. However, they don't advocate the ACV and baking soda and so I'm going to try that. The hardest part of this for me (and maybe someone has a suggestion) is getting my hair cut. My hairdresser will not work on my hair until she's shampooed it. I find it takes WEEKS to get it back afterwards. Thoughts?

    1. Bottom line Its your hair & your money if your hairdresser will not honer wishes I think it is time you spend your money elsewhere & find a new may take you some time to find the right one but it will be well worth it..ask might even tell your hairdresser if she can not honor your wishes you will take your money else where. I'm sure she will not want to lose the business..

    2. Nadine

      I take my own products with me.

      Wash your hair just prior to attending - if she needs it wet she can re-wet it.

      Lastly, get a new hairdresser if she won't work with you.

  2. I was doing no-poo for a while and at first i loved it, it was thicker than it's ever been. BUT, like you i got a flaky scalp and I found I couldn't really wear my hair down, but it made a great up -do! I got some stuff at trader joe's, but the ingredient list is really pretty long. I may need to try dr bonner's (is there more than one kind?) ... do you just use a little and then rinse with the 1T acv to 1C water? Help!!! I appreciate it and I am loving that i'm saving my 4 year old daughter hair woes by washing her hair 1-2x week so she never has to deal with the "oil". Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Hope! I use just a very small amount of Dr. Bronner's (yes, there are lots of different kinds, including a baby version which I use most often), followed by 1 T of ACV in 1 C water. That's it!

  3. Sort of unrelated but alarming so wonder if anyone has info or can relate. I have always had baby fine hair tending to turning into a grease storm without daily washing. I started doing paleo this past summer for a variety of reasons - I have a job that lends itself to stress and bad eating so I was getting serious muffin top and cellulite etc. I got tired of being congratulated on my pregnancy when I was just getting fat.

    Paleo, great, lots of energy, lost 25 pounds, awesome. It did coincide with a particularly stressful period in my life, really dark and down but kept up the paleo part.

    However, I feel as though my hair is FALLING OUT. I lose clumps of hair on clothes, in the shower, when I run my fingers through it, anything. Docs can't find anything wrong on blood tests. No pattern to it either except while I used to have a skinny mini ponytail I now have a rat tail.

    Why am I losing my hair? Diet? Weight loss? Paleo nutritional imbalance? Stress?

    1. Hi Dirtry Mistress, I can't say for sure, but I would consider seeing your doc & having your thyroid looked at and/or uping your carb intake. Hair loss can be a symptom of thyroid issues & sometimes we have a tendency to go too low carb on Paleo, which can make thyroid issues worsen (plus it is hard on our female hormones). Make sure you are taking in plenty of dense Paleo carbs.

  4. Melissa

    I wash my hair once a week and do a dry shampoo of corn starch with some rose water and lavender on days 5 6 and 7 and love the extra volume and curl. The oil isn't a problem and I have no complaints. I wish I could tell it to everyone but unfortunately it doesn't go over right so its my special secret! Thanks for writing.

  5. I use Castile soap from a bar that I shredded and liquified (it last longer for less money) and rinse with a sage infused kombucha vinegar and it makes my hair manageable, whether I wear it curly or straight;-) I love it. The kombucha vinegar is my kombucha homwbrew that I accidentally let brew too long, I put it in jars with sage leaves for a few weeks then put it on my hair after washing. I have never had more healthy and manageable hair!!

  6. Staci

    I've been no poo for 5 months and LOVE that my hair has more body than it ever did with shampoo and I no longer need any styling products! I have had a little flakiness at times and I love hearing you use Dr Bronners. I was using it on my 5 year old son but my friend said it wasn't good for pH balance so he's been no poo too. I think I'll rotate in Dr B's on occasion and see how it goes. Perhaps the ACV rinse gives better results? Thanks for sharing Angie!

  7. dawn

    I tried no poo and it worked well but then I read that it throws the pH of hair or if wack so I stopped. I'm looking into trying the morroco method line of raw hair care that I read about on empowered sustenance .

  8. Nadine

    I use Moroccan Method.

    Amazing stuff.

    I used a scalp balancing product which was great but full of chemicals.

    MM is great - early on I had to wash it on day 2 or 3 but that was only 2-3 times.
    My hair is shiny, full and soft and I wash it every 5-6 days.

    1. nadine (no.2)

      I find Moroccan Method to be awful, my hair was limp and just blah (I had been washing weekly for previous 18 months, so it wasn't an issue with excess oil. I have very fine silky hair - I have lots of it but the strands are fine.

      I have been using baking soda and ACV for a few months now and I love it. I also put a small amount of Moroccan Oil in the ends ( until a month ago my hair was below my waist, in one cut it is now above my shoulders and I love it!!).

      I have read that using baking soda every week isn't great for your scalp so I'm going to try some of Dr Bonners liquid soap -and maybe alternate it with the baking soda.

  9. Rebecca

    I stopped using shampoo (had to wash it daily) about a year ago and started washing my hair weekly with baking soda and rinsing with lemon juice. I loved it! The psoriasis on my scalp went away and my hair was softer and grew faster. After about six months though, my hair started getting dry and unmanageable. I tried Liquid Castile Soap but didn't like the way it made my hair feel. Now I wash my hair once a week with Butter Bar Conditioner Shampoo Bar (didn't like the other shampoo bars I tried, too dry) from Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve and rinse with lemon juice. My scalp is happy, my hair doesn't tangle badly, and at tailbone length, it's still growing!

  10. Marye

    This has been really helpful. Have been reading everything I can on the no-poo method (including comments). Will definitely be giving it a try!

  11. Erica

    I have been scared to try the no poo or low poo methods, but with all the positive reviews here, I think I will have to give it a try!

  12. Cara Giammanco

    Hello! My name is Cara! I follow your posts on FB and have always been curious about the no poo method. I have always had thin hair but recently it's falling out like crazy and I have had an itchy/flaky patch on the side of my head for over 18 months. Been to dermatologist and doctor for it many times and they always prescribe some different cream, spray or shampoo (mostly steroidal) that only works for a while.

    Anyway, my question is when you pour on the baking soda and then the ACV do you rinse with water after each time or do you leave them on? I tried it today for the first time and wasn't sure if I was supposed to rinse the "rinse". Thanks for your help!

    1. Angie Alt

      Post author

      Hi Cara! Thanks for reading. Yes, I always rinse the ACV. I find leaving it in too long causes extra greasy hair.

  13. Annie

    Angie-- do you dilute the Dr. bronners baby? If so, what's the formula? I am going to try this... I am one month into AIP, (dx w celiac and thyroid issues) and struggling huge with skin issues (dermatitis, hair loss, hives,) and am sick of all these chemical shampoos I have been using. Thanks for all you do!

  14. - Hey Melodie!I do blow dry. My hair is fairly sgrhitat, but if it's not blown out it doesn't look very good. I do leave it down when I sleep for the most party. I'll wear a ponytail around the house, and I do get a crease, but it goes away after a couple of hours usually. I do more baths than showers, but I try to shower and rinse my hair with water twice during the week. When I do the rinse, I scrub my scalp with my fingers as if I was washing it to try to work out any dirt or oil that's starting to build up. Before I get in the shower, to wash or rinse I give my hair a good brushing with my boar's hair brush to loosen the oil and dirt which helps it to come out in the shower. Hope that helps! It's a bit of a process at first, and there are many oily days in the beginning, but I like only having to wash my hair once a week now!


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