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  1. I had to stop researching because it scared me too much...they seem to be linking it to everything....I told my husband that I should be dead several times over based on what I was reading. :/ On the other hand, it seems to be linked to "midline birth defects", of which I had two, and cleft lip, which my younger daughter was born with, so that is kind of interesting.

    How do you find a doctor that has even heard of it? My rheumatologist researched it enough to agree I shouldn't be taking folic acid, but rather methyl-folate, but that was it from her.

  2. Jennifer R

    Yes, I am compound heterozygous (meaning I have one copy of the c677t and one of hte a1298c). I do feel like it's a piece of the missing puzzle for me. I am strongly considering purchasing a sauna for my home to help with detoxing. I have felt off for the last week -- not sure if I'm over-methylated or under-methylated -- it's all a learning process!! And like you, I do my own research and then take to my doctor and clinical nutritionist (who I am now working for). Good luck!!

  3. Getting the results as homozygous C677T also was a lightbulb moment for me - suddenly it made sense why most of my life I've felt sick and even one day of indulging on 'normal people foods' makes me feel toxic. I feel more empowered than anything else - all the crazy diets, pills and treatments I've tried and still use make more sense... I no longer feel self indulgent or frivolous as there is finally a legitimate reason for feeling the way I do, and have done for goodness knows how many years! After feeling like a hypochrondiac for most of my life I finally have a solid reason as to why sticking to my health path is important.

    I've switched my focus back to consistent clean eating, not being bullied into treats or big nights out that would leave me a mess for a week after... And have finally completely embraced the weirdo things I do to detox my body (clay and enemas anybody? 😉 ) Of course I wish this was different and I am scared about the potential risks when I do start trying for babies... But after years of not knowing I'm kinda of relieved. I'm certain that this knowledge will prevent me from the autoimmune path I'm certain I was veering towards in a steady fashion! So I'm doing my best to. Be positive and greatful for finding out when I did.

  4. Thank you for posting this! I am compound heterozygous and have been attempting not to drown in the information that is out there for how to best care for myself. Just when I thought I had a handle on my MTHFR stuff, I did 23and me, and now feel way more overwhelmed with the nuances and intricacies of all these other mutations. I try to slow myself down, and just listen to my body. It will give me a lot of good information about lifestyle changes and what supplements work and don't work for my body. Sending you lots of virtual support =)

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for a clear and simple explanation of a very complex topic. I have considered being tested for this gene but have put it off. I know things have changed at 23andme because of the federal government, so I'm not sure they are still able to give helpful information. I do understand that you need someone to help interpret the results, whatever they are. I'm reluctant only because I don't like to think of a large corporation having access to my genetic information. Has anyone found it to be helpful?

  6. How do you even find out something like this? A blood test? I've struggled with depression, anxiety, migraines, miscarriage, and then autoimmune stuff like psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Makes me wonder!

    1. Corrie, I was tested back in 2005 by my ob/gyn as part of a workup for recurrent miscarriages. At the time, I could find nothing on it online, and the only advice my doc gave me was to take baby aspirin and mega-doses of folic acid. I only thought of it as a factor in my miscarriages/infertility and didn't realize till recently that it had other health effects. I'd say ask a doctor to do a blood test looking specifically at MTHFR...I'm a little leery of 23andme, like Anonymous above, because that's an awful lot of information to have in the hands of someone else--and who knows how genetic information will be used in the future, as scientists become more sure about what genes contribute to which diseases? On the other hand, my brother is a huge proponent of 23and me, as it showed him that his youngest was at a very high risk for celiac, so they are transitioning her to a gluten-free diet at an early age, before gluten can cause too much damage.

  7. As far as treating MTHFR mutations, the B vitamins are crucial of course. These being L-Methylfolate and Methylcobalamin for the B9 and B12. However what is less understood is the profound benefits of supplementing Glutathione levels as well. Because this methylation process is vital for the production of Glutathione, nearly everyone with an MTHFR defect has a Glutathione deficiency. This causes a myriad of problems, because it is our body's "master antioxidant."
    By supplementing your Glutathione levels with either Acetyl Glutathione or Liposomal, you can help fortify your immune function and improve cellular health. Which is extremely important for those with this MTHFR defect. This combined with the B vitamins can have a profound effect on overall health and help balance this methylation cycle.
    Excellent article!

  8. leticia

    Hi! I am not a native speaker so...please my apologizes for my bad english.
    Let´s try!
    I was homocigoto c677t , and the diagnosis was 12 years ago.
    I have a daughter 19 yr ( any problem in pregnancy) but 9 years later a misscariage 9 weeks, my doctor suggested me to do a genetic study since I had a trombosis in the placenta...and we discovered the homocigoto condition.
    1 year later, and with the whole pregnancy with heparina in the belly I had a baby boy(now 10)

    The firs 5 years post diagnosis, I went to hematologis, and cheked dedimeros, homocisteinemia and other.... dedimeros were always high and homocisteinemia was decresing.
    The only thing I do was take HOMOSTAT (copmlex b plus folid acid) but...I left to went to the hematologist when I asked her about HOW CAN I DO FOR BEING BETTER? and she said...anything. And when I told her about I had read not take folid acid and take metilfolato...and she told me...here in Uruguay doesnt exist metilfolato.

    My entire life I fight day by day to be positive, to feel good, but many times a was depressed, went to sicologist, siquiatrist ...sometimes taking antidepressent other years not, since some doctor said antidepressents wil be dangerous on mthfr.

    2 year ago, I was discover that I have espondilitis anquilosante...an autoinmune . I ask the reumatologist about the possible relationship with mthfr...and said....not relationship.

    1 year ago, I had a conizacion, and reason of that...a sinequia in the endocervix....still on treatment. Asking my ginecologist about relationship mthfr or espondilitis relationship....not relationship.

    I am a little bid disapointed.
    And I read information about mthfr in the web and I saw relationship between depresion, autoinmunes and mthfr.

    Here I cant find an hematologist how treat me if my homocisteinemia is ok.
    If I am right, I will need to take folid acid or metilfolato or or or...but not do anything.
    In any case, I try to be positive, and not to live whit fear...which is difficult.
    I smoked for 15 year...other disaster.

    Do some doctor recomended me a doctor in Uruguay _?
    Could some mthfr homocigoto tell me how is the way who deal to decrease the risks ?
    thanks yo so much

  9. Santino

    How do you know, that you have autoimmune problems because of MTHFR?

    I found nearly every doctor saying, that if correctly threated, you won´t suffer from the MTHFR-mutation. Is that wrong in your opinion?

    I ordered a test at 23andme.

    Suffering from:
    Bipolar disorder II (began in 2012 with panic attacks, now it is more cycling between depression, anxiety and irritability)
    Problems with food intolerances that are very difficult to understand
    Alopecia Areata (autoimmune disease)
    Vitiligo (Autoimmune disease)
    Chronic Proctitis (seems also to be autoimmune but not characteristic for ulcerative Colitis or Crohn yet)
    Allergic reaction to: Creatine, L-Glutamine, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Cialis, Levitra, Modanifil, Curry, St.Johnsons Worth and many more (I tolerated all these things for a while)
    And my renals get sometimes inflamed because of autoimmune processes.

    Could this have something to do with MTHFR? If so and if I had the mutation, could I get rid of these problems with adressing the MTHFR-problem? Would be great of course. I have to wait 2-3 Months because I am from Germany, so it will take time testing and I also think, that because of rising popularity 23andme will get much work to do 😉

    Kind regards,


    1. Angie Alt

      Post author

      Hi Santino-
      Many of your health issues have been associated w/ the MTHFR mutation, but you won't know if you have it for sure until you get testing. Even then it is important to go slowly w/ "treatment" since having the gene doesn't necessary mean it is expressing & you could end up overdoing it. Good luck!!

  10. Kerry

    I found out today that I and mthfr c677t homozygous too. Thanks for this post! This was one of the first things I've read that is starting to make sense. Excited to follow you.

  11. Jackie

    This blog post couldn't come at a better time! I've known I was homozygous for C677T for about 2 years now. Test results just came back today for autoimmune disorder. I don't know which one yet (more tests coming). But you're right in that the Serenity prayer sums it up nicely. Taking it day by day!


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