About A Thirty-Five Year Old

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Ever since I turned 21 I've taken time around my birthday each year to write something about what I am like at that age.  I've lost many of those scribbles, some are tucked away in keepsake boxes, and some of them are here on this blog.

The year I turned 33, I didn't write anything.  I was so sick at this time two years, that I felt like turning 33 was nothing to celebrate and reflecting on it was not worthwhile.  I was literally just weeks away from my Celiac diagnosis, but I felt a deep sense of hopelessness and dreaded trying to move forward in a declining body.  (That's right, my two year diagnosis birthday is right around the corner.  Stay tuned for that update.)

Last year at this time I was in a whole new place and I was excited to reflect on who I was at 34.  This year I am in an even better place, even more excited to reflect on who I am at 35.  Two years ago I could not have imagined my life now.  So here are three things about a 35 year old:

1)  I am about to become a Certified Health Coach!  In under a year I have taken on a MAJOR career change.  (I can hardly believe that I've had the energy for a transition that huge.  I know it is due to a Paleo approach to diet and lifestyle changes.)  I will be precertified as of February 3rd and start seeing clients as I move into the last part of my program.  This is a dream job for me and I am so, so excited to be able to get up each morning and use my day to help other people find the health transformation that I have found since my Celiac diagnosis.  I think I am uniquely qualified to help, 'cause I've been through the ringer too.  It turns out all those years of illness and despair gave me buckets of deep empathy and a special education all their own.  I can't wait to walk with my clients on their journeys.

2)  I am more and more aware of how important relationships with other women are to my personal growth.  In the last year my relationship with the women behind the other major Paleo autoimmune blogs has grown and deepen (check them out here).  It has been incredible for me to connect with Sarah, Mickey, Christina, Whitney, and Eileen.  I know these women truly understand how frightening and lonely autoimmunity can be and also how empowering it is to take your healing into your own hands.  They've encouraged me when I was down, helped me troubleshoot when I had health issues, and motivated me to go further than I ever imagined with this blog and my Facebook page.  They remind me that sharing my story is a great way to help others (especially women) keep looking for their autoimmune breakthroughs.  They aren't the only amazing gals I've connected with this year though.  There has also been my farmer, Nora, my classmate and peer coach, Erika, Anne of The Paleo Autoimmune Breakthrough, and of course, the special women from my past that have stood by my side through TONS of ups and downs.  (All those notable ladies know who they are.)

3)  I totally have for real gray hair.  LOL!  I've had a few stray grays for years now, but this year they got a little wiry and noticeable.  I'm pretty proud of 'em actually.  After all, I earned them.  Getting to 35 wasn't that easy with multiple autoimmune conditions and figuring out how to turn those lemons into lemonade was even tougher.  If you've got some grays, I think you should celebrate with me!

Thanks for being here with me readers.  Knowing you are out there makes me want to keep writing and sharing.  I've been blogging since 2009 and this year, at 35, I plan to keep going for a long time.  My goal is to put enough "data with soul" out there to help you figure out how to turn around your AI story and make your birthdays a happy moment of reflection too.

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