Big Plans

I had such an awesome year!  A really, really good year. (If I'm not sounding real enough, see the bottom of this post.*)  It is impossible for me to truly convey how grateful I am for this past year, but I can start by saying, "I was healthy."  I had the first year in as long as I can remember without a single cold or flu.  No strep throat.  No bronchitis.  No sinus misery.  I stayed well the entire year.That doesn't mean I had totally perfect health.  I struggled some with glutening and a rise in my antibody numbers early in the year.  I battled with SIBO.  I found out I have the MTHFR genetic defect.  Still, these things didn't really phase me, 'cause I feel so darn prepared to fight now.  I KNOW how to heal myself!  What the heck?  I am so grateful for this year.

So, first, let me do a little recap.  Last year I posted five goals I had for becoming optimally WELL.  You can read about it here.  It didn't go flawlessly, but in general, I made consistent progress.

1)  Supplementation-  I did finally get this ironed out for myself, but it took me until around late October, early November.  I am noticeably reaping the benefits, but it was not easy or cheap.

2)  Exercise-  Uuuum.  I had a great walking routine for part of the year and then it turned into a so-so routine for part of the year and in the last month things went doooownhill.  Overall, I am happy though.  I do feel like I have more stamina and a bit more strength, but I'm recommitting for better results.

3)  Sleep-  I was way better with sleep in 2013, then in 2012, but I've still got some tweaking in this department.  Overall, I got much more restful sleep this year.  I have decided that this trumps almost everything though and I'm recommitting.

4)  Stress Management-  I am really, really happy with my progress here!  I sorta' had a stress attack this month (holidays, school, etc), but the rest of the year I really handled my stress levels well.  I didn't freak out, I didn't overcommit, I stopped doing tons of things I just did not WANT to do, I handed over a few responsibilities, and I took time to meditate, pray, watch birds, and have fun.

5)  Personal Care-  I loved the No Poo Method, but late this fall I started getting very, very dry scalp from the baking soda cleanser.  I am now doing "Low Poo."  I continue to use the oil cleansing method or Dr. Bronner's for my facial wash.  I'm still playing with deodorant options.  I also need more work on body moisturizers.  Overall, I am so happy I worked on getting the poisons off me.

So that's the update, now what are my 2014 goals?  It is much more simple this year folks.  Here's my list:

1)  Become a certified health coach.  (I want to help other people have the best year ever too!!)
2)  Move my body, so I can get strong.  (I'm going to try weight training.  Yikes!)
3)  Sleep like it is my J-O-B.  (I don't even feel bad about it.  Who wants a nap?)

What are your goals for the New Year?  Are you starting Paleo or AIP?  Are you further perfecting it?  Maybe you are still searching for a diagnosis?  Maybe your goals are a completely different set of objectives . . . whatever they are, share them.  Put it out there in the universe & see if the thought starts to become an action.

*Does this seem too good to be true?  Good for Angie, she had a great freakin' year.  Good freakin' job.  I'm going to tell you guys the truth, 'cause that is what I do here . . . connect by being vulnerable.  I had some very big fails this year, but the epic one was with this blog.  I geared up for a major revamp (you can read about my intentions here ) in March and was planning to finish it by June, but I didn't get ANY of it done.  I totally did NOT nail it.  I'm really, REALLY intimidated by the process of taking this blog to the next level and I let "perfect" paralyze me and get in the way of progress.  I'm going to keep trying and I hope you guys will cheer me on.

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10 thoughts on “Big Plans

  1. Let's connect and see if we can do something about the blog thing. I haven't learned much but maybe I'll be motivated to do so if it is helping out a friend. Happy New Year Angie!

  2. Kate

    I so appreciate your blog and your vulnerability! Form how you share about yourself to real pictures of what you eat. AIP is an ongoing struggle for me and it really helps seeing a someone do it. THANK YOU! Happy New Year! -K

  3. Teresa

    My goals for the New Year - starting the AIP tomorrow and then Monday will start a 10 week program I have been trying (and failing!) to complete since I first bought the book seven years ago. Praying this will be the year I finally get my health back!

  4. Carey

    Angie, you are such an inspiration to so many people. I think if you stay focused on the big goals of getting and staying healthy, and your passion for helping other people (in part by keeping it real!), the blog thing will totally sort itself out. It's just a vehicle, after all... Wishing you all the best with your very wonderful goals for 2014!


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