2 thoughts on “How Much Is Your Health Worth?

  1. Anonymous

    I agree with you 100%!! I am grateful that we have enough money that I can keep looking for answers to health issues and pay out-of-pocket for consultations with professionals who really know how to build health and for supplements and pure foods. Sometimes I get upset that my insurance is so worthless and that I didn't figure out the right direction to look until after I was retired, but that doesn't help me. Now I try to focus on being grateful for the internet and all the information (mixed in with plenty of mis-information!) available there. I am learning and feeling better and trying to share what I've learned with others.

  2. Yet another great blog dear! I might add that there are "doctors" out there that will drop you like a hot potatoe when they find out your insurance ran out. I was in the middle of Remicade treatments for my autoimmune issues when that happened. I had to quit all meds and treatment cold turkey, that was exciting. Many "doctors" out there are only in it for the almighty dollar and couldn't care less if you get well or not.


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