Product Review: Morrocco Method Intl. Hair Care

I think you guys know that I use the "No Poo" method of cleansing my hair.  I haven't used shampoo and conditioner since January 7th.  I love No Poo.  I wash my hair about every four days.  It's manageable, it's healthy, and it is very easy.Sometimes though, No Poo doesn't quite do it for me, particularly during the humid mid-Atlantic summers.  Humidity equals frizz city for my hair.  I knew I was in for a bad hair summer by May and wasn't sure how I was going to control the frizz while sticking to my simplified haircare routine.  Then on June 10th, I was approached by Morrocco Method International to try some of their products for a review.

I looked at their website and after I confirmed my top three "no-nos" are not include in their products, I decided to give them a try.  They don't use gluten, soy or GMOs.  Perfect!  A few days later I got a package and inside of it was my new favorite hair care productDiamond Crystal Mist Conditioner and Moisturizer is AWESOME!  My summer frizz nightmare was over!

I use No Poo (cleanse with baking soda, condition with apple cider vinegar) and then blow-dry, next I follow-up with the Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner and Moisturizer.  It's a leave-in conditioner, so I spritz it into my hair after blow-drying.  Next I brush it through and style like normal.  I even occasionally use a straightener or curling iron and it doesn't get overly dry or frizz out, it stays soft, bouncy, and shiny.  Even better, it smells amazing.

Without Diamond Mist this would be a picture about my summer frizz attack!

My hair is never greasy after using this product.  It keeps the frizz at bay without weighing my hair down.  I can even use it between cleansing days to perk up my look and keep my style fresh.  I definitely recommend Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner and Moisturizer.  Surf over to Morrocco Method International's website and check out all their awesome products and find the one that is perfect for your hair.

So here is the best part of all . . . GIVEAWAY time!!  Morrocco Method International will be sending a full size bottle of the Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner and Moisturizer to a lucky reader.  You can test out this awesome product first-hand.

So here's the rules:
1)  Go to my FB page here:  Alt-ternative Autoimmune.  If you haven't liked it, give 'er a like.  Next go to Morrocco Method's FB page, give them a like.
2)  Go to today's PRODUCT REVIEW GIVEAWAY on MY page and leave a comment (tell me about your favorite "alterna" beauty routine or why you like this blog, anything!).  You have between today (July 19) and Sunday (July 21) to leave your comment.
3)  Check back on the FB page on Monday (July 22) for announcement of the winner.  He or she will be chosen at random.
4)  I'll get in touch with winner for a physical address & then we'll get this fabulous leave-in conditioner headed your way.

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2 thoughts on “Product Review: Morrocco Method Intl. Hair Care

  1. I'm bummed I missed the giveaway. Oh well. I JUST ordered the Trial Package of all the Morroccan Method hair care products. Can't wait to give them all a try. Thanks for the review (I originally saw it on The Paleo Mom page) I tried no 'poo and ACV and my hair was a mess. I've tried honey and water/ACV with aloe, my hair and scalp was an itchy icky mess. I've tried Honey with Castille Soap and essential oils and my hair and scalp was an itchy, icky mess. I'm trying so hard to find SOMETHING without all those icky chemicals but that will leave my hair shiny and non-frizzy and my scalp clean and itch free. Thanks for the pics and the great testimonial. (BTW, I did detox first and tried all these things over a 2 month period. I was at the end of my rope until I came across this product line) I hope others who are in my same situation will see your review and give them a try.


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