25 thoughts on “A Winning Combination: Healing From Gluten Exposure

  1. Monica

    Thanks for the tips! I've been taking activated charcoal when my stomach hurts or feels bloated. I'm not sure if these are my glutened symptoms or if I'm reacting to something else. Either way, it seems to help. I'm starting to take L-glutamine, but haven't done it long enough to know if it makes a difference.

  2. I could have written this blogpost. Word. For. Word. While I'm sorry you have to experience the chaos of the mood sensitivities, it's nice to know I'm not the only one. And out of all my reactions, this is my worst. My whole family is affected by it. 🙁

    But to share another tool for you: I've started giving myself calcium bentonite clay foot baths. The foot being a primary nerve hub for many parts of your body. (Specifically the heel portion affects intestines.) It works! Bentonite clay is highly negative charged, thus can draw out the positive toxins that are affecting your system. The detox makes me feel less prickly and the bath itself is calming. You can also ingest it, but I haven't screwed my courage up for that yet. LOL! I use "Living Clay" from Amazon or your local Whole Foods store.

    1. I'm glad others can relate too AW. I happen to know that there are alot of Celiacs w/ the mood reaction. We aren't alone.

      As to the clay, I know about it, but I haven't gotten there yet. Thanks for the recommend, I think I might try to get my hands on some.

  3. I'm curious - Did the spice label actually give a clue to the gluten in it? Or did you just figure it out through the process of elimination? I'm still trying to figure out what my reactions are and my gut hasn't healed yet so I'm not feeling very good overall. Just wondering if an innocent looking garlic powder should be suspect or not! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hi Lindsey-
      The labeling for spices/herbs is usually VERY lacking. This garlic powder was no exception. The only thing that I had eaten w/ a label AT ALL was the garlic powder, so we were able to figure it out by process of elimination. The other seasonings were rosemary & thyme, which we could clearly see were rosemary & thyme which I use several times every week, so we knew. I would stick to fresh garlic, if you are a Celiac. Ugh. Annoying, I know.

  4. Believe it or not, I found myself that the same cure applies for me. I feel that our cases are extremely similar (I seldom get diarrhea, and that was one of the reasons doctors didn't realize I have Celiac disease) and my first symptom is some kind of mental uneasiness. I get angry very easily, or sad or even self-destructive. I also feel some kind of strange urge to keep eating when something has gluten in it...
    But I found a few weeks ago, before I bumped into your article by chance, that eating mostly organ meat, cooked vegetables and drinking bone broth an ginger tea helped me A LOT with my symptoms. And not even that, this past week i ate only organ meat and I started thinking more clearly. I could even run!! That was a major breakthrough...

    The only disadvantage of my bowel healing... is that I am less sensitive to gluten now. Some time ago, I could detect INMEDIATELY (like 2 o 3 minutes after eating it) that something contained even trace amounts of gluten, because I would get extremely itchy, sore and my hands would begin to become stiffened and hurt like hell... But now I have to be more cautious than ever! Because now I barely notice it until my mood control takes vacations LOL.

    And because I sort of self-diagnosed (long story short, I didn't wait for physicians to confirm it), I started to doubt and wonder "Am I really gluten intolerant? I can barely detect it now..." But reading your story has helped me realize it has many ways to show itself. And make me feels like I'm not alone and that the things that my body desperately tries to tell me and I struggle to understand are true.

    Therefore, thank you SO MUCH.
    And congratulations on your blog, it's beautiful 🙂

  5. Holly

    Thanks for this advice! I get the same exact emotional reactions. I have found that fasting for a day, eating nothing except for bonebroth, helps a lot. But next time I will try the liver and sun exposure. Even though the worst symptoms might be a lot better after a couple days, it always takes 2-3 weeks for me to really start feeling myself again. I doubt there is any healing tips that could eliminate those long fall-out effects.

  6. Suzie

    I have heard this before.... The use of flour as an additive to make the spice powdery. That is why it is so important to make sure you buy ingredients from credible sources.

    I am going through the process of eliminating everything that might be questionable from my kitchen & pantry:(

    Thanks for the share, as I would never have thought of bone broth & the sun helping with being glutened!

  7. Lucy

    My jaw dropped at your puffy eyelids. I started getting dry spots on my eyelids in November, then started a whole30 in December, which turned to a whole 75 at this point. I wasn't on any special diet before other than mostly organic. Nearly all my symptoms went away (mostly skin, digestion, and anxiety) but the eyelid issue has gotten worse (swollen and itchy, then dry and flakey) over the 75 days. Has anyone heard of this? Could it be a spice that triggers this one symptom? Crazy.

    1. Randee

      It's a fungal overgrowth...like dandruff but not on your scalp...or so it sounds like. I get spots on my face and scalp and ears. Try some coconut oil on your eyelids a few times a day...natural Antifungal, antiviral, antibiotic.

    2. Diane

      I am not a celiac, but I am the mother of one, with multiple food intolerances of my own. I have suffered from red, puffy, dry, itchy eyelids for about 3 years now. It became so bad, that my entire face was suffering, and the allergist was stumped. Through process of elimination, i discovered that it is caused by preservatives, particularly MSG. That low calorie canned soup every day for lunch was the culprit! Sometimes my other allergies, dust, dogs, or grass will cause a temporary flare up. A week long vacation with mostly restaurant food, even though I worked hard at eating only veggies and meat, resulted in puffy, dry, itchy eyelids within 3 days. So once you can isolate the trigger, your eyes hopefully will clear up. In the meantime, I find that a cold pack, a mild lotion, and avoiding eye makeup till it clears up works the best to clear those flare ups. The Paleo autoimmune diet has worked wonders in prevention. Good luck!

  8. Christine

    I have Hashi's and PCOS and am new to the Paleo-AIP lifestyle. I'm so glad to have read this blog because I hear people talk about being 'glutened' but did not know what it meant til I read this! I have most of these symptoms, especially the mood change. Thank you!

  9. Debi

    Such a great post! I want to take a minute to address the spices issue. Not sure if y'all (yes, I'm a Texan 🙂 know about Penzey's spices but they're great! I just called them to verify and was assured that everything that is in their spices is on the label and that they only thing that has gluten is their beef base. I LOVE their spices, they are pure and effective! When I first found out about them I compared their garlic powder to the garlic powder I have been buying and it's amazing to smell the difference. Because it's really "garlic" powder I've learned to use less too :-). Just wanted to let y'all know there are spices out there that you can trust http://www.penzeys.com

  10. Johann

    So many of the symptoms above, especially the mood swings, sound like other problems. I get attacks of hot flashes with menopause. The attacks are accompanied by gripping anxiety. It's an ugly sort of anxiety unlike anything I've ever had before. It is now masked with bioidentical hormones. I have also cut down on gluten for months now. I am sensitive to so many things that it would be hard to tell for sure if gluten is the only problem. If I eat pizza and white rice, constipation happens for sure. As a child, growing up with a lot of white flour based foods was probably the reason why I always battled with constipation. For years I made 'bombs'. My recipe for muffins that would clean out a cannon were very helpful. I didn't realize all this time that all I had to do was cut out all refined flour. Then another test revealed that a whole bowl of organic rolled oats would give me racing heart symptoms. I had to cut it out as much as I love it. I would cook it with fresh apples and cinnamon. If I make the same porridge out of quinoa I'm ok. So I now know that I am gluten and grain sensitive. I am not brave enough to cut it all out, but realize I should. My life would be better. I'm aiming for it, but not yet. I use spelt flours and pastas, and rarely eat any type of bread no matter how good. I do sound like I am making excuses. Afterall, why am I reading these blogs? I'll get there. But not yet. I still have to work on my allergies! You are all amazing for providing this level of support.

  11. Thea

    Take a tea spoon or two with chia seeds in a glass of water or you're favorite drink.
    Wait 10 or 15 minutes, mix around till its like a chiax gel. Drink it. In a few hours it will fix you're constipation an bloating etc. It woks wonders, I promise you <3

  12. Alisha

    This is one of my favorite posts because I know exactly how you feel when it comes to being "glutenized". I'm so miserable I can't do anything but try to sleep it off. I haven't ventured to try the liver yet, but I do drinks broth and as much water as possible. It's been a while since I've been contaminated, but next time I'll have to try the liver. Thanks!

  13. Alicia

    This post breaks my heart.
    I was diagnosed coeliac in June this year.
    I did AIP for 30 days, then strict Paleo as I came out, and every now and again I get "the bloating" exactly as you describe.
    I feel like because I am so careful with my diet if I exclaim that I'm bloated nobody even believes me anymore! I'm so glad you wrote this post. We eat a lot of spices, and I'm starting to wonder how many of them have secret gluten in them. I have lots of bone broth at home I will drink some tonight!

    Thank you so much!

    1. Alicia

      Oh I meant to add that it breaks my heart because it goes to show no matter how careful you are you could be glutened at any time! I feel so bad for my poor intestines...


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