An AIP Father’s Day

"It is a wise father that knows his child."  -William Shakespeare

I don't think there is a greater need in a child's life than to have a father who is watching.  Watching from the perspective of loving protection, definitely.  I mean more than that though.  I mean observing, learning . . . understanding their child.  When your father truly knows you, it is shows that he has gone above and beyond all the "normal" father stuff.  He has done more than provide, protect, and guide.  He has invested his time in the deep work of knowing his child.

I am a very lucky woman, because my husband is that kind of father.  He takes so much careful time to know our daughter.  He provides and protects and works hard to guide her down the right paths, but then he takes the truly committed step.  He works to understand who she is and he meets her where she is at all the time.  This often means he anticipates her needs well before even I do . . . sometimes before she does.  Now that is a daddy that deserves a special day with a special feast!

I hope you'll all enjoy this menu.  This menu is meant as a Father's Day afternoon cook-out.  Even though our Daddy doesn't have any autoimmunity issues that require full AIP, he has grown to love the foods I cook.  For the AI dads out there, this will be perfect.  Enjoy & let me know if you enjoyed any of these recipes.


Paleo Shrimp-Stuffed Mushrooms 

To make these AIP skip the jalapeno and unless you are certain your fish sauce is AIP-legal, skip it too.

Main Course:

Bunless Buffalo Burgers with Salsa Verde

Radish Salad

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries

Very simple.  Get some ground bison, form some burger patties & throw them on the grill.  There is bison available in some grocery stores, specialty health food stores, and on-line.  If you are lucky enough to have access to other wild game burger, go for it.  Elk burgers are delicious!

Stick with me and follow carefully on the salsa and radish salad.  These recipes are from Martha Stewart.  Ignore all the stuff about fish and tortillas.  The salsa recipe does not include any peppers, so it is perfect and will be a yummy topper on the buffalo burgers.  Follow the recipe for the radish salad, but just skip the jalapeno.

The fry recipe can be followed just as is . . . and it looks crazy yummy!


Strawberry Coconut Mousse

I am soooo excited that I found this dessert (scroll down past the choco mint mousse).  I can not wait to make it for our Daddy, because he likes milkshake/ice cream type desserts (I'll be doing the frozen version).  Diane Sanfilippo calls Stevia Paleo legal and suggests to use sparingly, but I think we AIers should stick to the sparing use of only honey or maple syrup as a sweetener, so I will be using honey in this recipe.

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