Holy Moly!  Readers I am blown away by all of you.  On Wednesday, I celebrated my Paleo-Versary with a giveaway of Mickey Trescott's new e-book The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and a signed copy of Sarah Ballantyne's (The Paleo Mom) soon to come book, The Paleo Approach:  Reverse Autoimmune Disease, Heal Your Body.  The rules of the giveaway were simple, I asked you to like my Alt-Ternative Autoimmune page on Facebook (if you hadn't already) and leave a comment there about why you like my blog.  YOU GUYS ROCK!

The comments you left were incredible.  I am humbled by the kind words you had for me and all the encouragement of my efforts.  Full confession . . . I cried.  Honestly, sometimes I think my blog is just one giant over-share.  TMI Central.  You all made me realize I need to put that fear to rest once and for all.  This is a true story and it is a story worth sharing if it is able to help so many other people recognize they are not alone in the autoimmunity battle.

Finding a big enough network of others dealing with autoimmune disease can be very challenging in the "real world."  For many of us, talking about our disease is intimidating or the nature of our disease is so personal, it is hard to be open.  It can keep us isolated.  But by being so open here, explaining the steps I am taking in my attempts to cope with my autoimmunity, I have managed to find a big (and growing), supportive community on-line.  It definitely helps me and I hope that this community is also helping all of you.

You all inspired me.  The comments were so beautiful and I am looking forward to another year of doing this with you accompanying me on the journey.  I'll be sure to keep it real around here.  Here's to lots more ups, downs, useful info, and laughs.  (Remember the laughs people.  If the choice is laugh or cry, laugh.  Otherwise this autoimmune thing can really get you down.)

OH!  So I guess you wanted to know who the winner is . . . It was Mona Eriksen Lebumfacil.  Mona, please message me on FB and we'll get you your books!  The winner was chosen at random, but I did want to share her comment, because it was so sweet.  Mona said, "Congrats on your first year!!!! I love your blog also because it feels "real" and you give us great info and I feel like it is really possible to do this now. I am struggling with sticking to the AIP, but hearing how well you can feel and seeing all the new recipes makes it seem more do-able!!! Thank you!!!"  Thanks for reading Mona!

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4 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. I am new to eating for health (paleo) with an emphasis on healing autoimmune (lupus). Due to kidney issues I can not take anti-inflammation medications and so I think there are some adjustments because of that. I would appreciate any words of wisdom you have learned this last year.

    1. Hi LD-
      My best advice would be to check out this blog, as well as those listed in my "Stories I Like" blog roll to the right. Learn all you can about eating using the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP). It is a version of the Paleo diet & is naturally very anti-inflammatory. I think the longer you eat this diet, the less you will need an anti-inflammatory medication. I can count on one hand the number of times I have used Tylenol in the last year. I do not use NSAIDs at all now or any other kind of medication. Also, google natural anti-inflammatories, you'll find lots of useful superfoods to help you. Best of luck!


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