4 thoughts on “A Day As A Celiac

  1. Amazing post. Thank you for sharing your experience. I do not have Celiac myself; I have sensitivities to gluten and dairy that leave me sick for a day or two at most after a glutening (or a dairying?)...and while for me those two days are not fun at all, I can tell from reading your blog that it is definitely not the same as what those with Celiac go through. Reading your post made me hurt inside to think about how many people have to go through much much worse symptoms than I do, and they do it EVERY day. And even on days when their body is feeling pretty good, they still have to exercise the hypervigilance you described above to make sure they don't accidentally get exposed to gluten. I can't even imagine what that's like, but I feel for you guys. I am so glad there are dedicated people out there like you who are sharing their stories to raise awareness and educate both laypeople and medical professionals about the realities of Celiac and auto-immune conditions. Thank you.

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