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Back on December 30th, I wrote about my top five health goals for 2013, in this post.  I said I would regularly report back on my progress.  I had already begun experimenting with my beauty routine, so naturally I have results to share in that area with you first.  Today I want to share with you the outcome of using the No Poo Method for my hair.So, let me cut to the chase . . . the results of not shampooing my hair are awesome!  Totally true story.  The last time I washed my hair with shampoo and followed up with conditioner was on January 7th.  I was so, so nervous to start this routine.  The thought of my hair looking like a greasy, awful mess was literally scary for me.

This was my hair on Jan. 7.  Even freshly washed & conditioned it was a bit frizzy and dull.

The thing is, even after washing and conditioning, my hair didn't feel soft.  It wasn't shiny or easily manageable.  I had to go to extra efforts with lots of creams and a straightener to get it to lay flat.  And the amount of hair that I was losing was crazy.  This is in part due to years of illness and malnutrition, but even after working so hard on my diet, I was still losing more than I wanted.

This my hair on Feb. 7th.  Same light and just cleaned.
Another angle.

I cleanse my hair with one tablespoon of baking soda diluted in one cup of warm water and follow up with a conditioning treatment of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in one cup of warm water.  I do this every fourth day.  By day three my hair does tend to get a bit too oily, but I just address that with a ponytail.  My hair is very, very soft.  It is not hard to comb out after cleansing and I don't need to use a straightener unless I feel like it.  On "cleansing day" I sometimes warm up the tiniest amount of coconut oil in my palms and smooth over the top of my hair to help a few stray strands lay flatter.   It also feels fuller and I am not losing nearly as much hair as I was before.  I can literally see the difference on my bathroom floor.

The process was hard for the first two weeks.  My hair went totally wacky at first.  It got really oily and I had weird cowlicks appear out of nowhere.  I faithfully stuck it out though.  I did not use shampoo in between and despite the amazing amount of oil my hair was producing, I stuck to the every fourth day routine, not being tempted to cleanse more often in an effort to handle the extra oil.  Then suddenly, exactly on day 14, my hair . . . got awesome.  I stepped out of the shower and started styling it and it was just miraculously perfect.  I felt like a Pantene commercial, minus the horrible chemicals.  Since then, I have added a drop of lavendar oil to the apple cider vinegar.  I found that my hair doesn't stink like ACV, but I wanted a light pretty scent.  After the first day, the lavender fades and my hair just smells like hair.  Very neutral.

No Poo Results
This is a shot in the sunlight.  I thought it better demonstrated how shiny it is now.
The color has lightened just a tiny bit too, which I love.

The big take aways of this successful experiment for me:

1)  The beauty industry wants my money, but it does not give a sh#@ about the long term effects of its products on my insides.  It also doesn't care that its messages are unattainable and demoralizing for me and millions of other women.  I look prettier the closer I get to the true me.  I don't need extra layers of expensive stuff to be a better woman.  Me and the beauty industry are broke up!  (I was paying for all our dates anyway.  What a freeloader!)

2)  The big driver for using all those products (for alot of women) is trying to be attractive enough to the opposite sex.  Guess what?  My husband loves my hair MORE now.  He says it is so nice and soft to touch and there are no harsh chemical perfumes overpowering him.  Take that Pantene, my guy thinks I'm sexier without you!

3) It's so easy.  It is not hard to follow this routine at all.  I even did it while traveling for work.  In my book, simple is better.  I have more important things to do, 'cause I am way more than good hair.

Give it a shot people!  Tell me how it goes for you.

P.S.  Don't you wish every self-experiment went this well?

(Lots of thanks to Liz at Cave Girl Eats for inspiring me to do this.  Check her blog out.  She's gorgeous and she does it all naturally.)

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25 thoughts on “No Poo Results

  1. Favorite quote: "I look prettier the closer I get to the true me. I don't need extra layers of expensive stuff to be a better woman." Awesome & very true!

  2. I've started doing no-poo at the same time. It feels good after I clean it, but it looks stringy/greasy. I haven't been doing it the same as you. I've been using at least 3 T of baking soda a day. I slap it all over my wet hair, then I scrub a lot. Then I rinse with 50/50 vinegar and water. I'll give your method a try and see if it helps. I'm wondering if this works for people with fine, limp, and thin hair.

  3. I shampoo my hair everyday. I mean my family has always had extremely oily hair. I would love to do this but I am so scared to! I did switch to an all natural shampoo. But it is so expensive. Do you think I could wash it with baking soda and vinegar everyday instead of every four days? Or maybe every third day?

    1. Luohuiting, I think all the shampooing is actually contributing to the very oily hair. Think of it as "confusing" to your hair & scalp. It's trying to make just the right amount of oil to keep your hair & scalp from drying out, but then you strip it each morning & add a "fake" layer of conditioner back on . . . It's going, "WTH? How much oil should I make?" So I would try the No Poo Method (super natural & super cheap) w/ at least 2 days between cleansings for at least 3 wks & see if it works for you. I know it is really scary & hard to leave it alone when it is going wild w/ oil, but just try it. Also, google & see if there are variations specifically for very oily hair. Good luck!

  4. Aimee

    I really want to try this but I have a you still use styling products on your hair? Does it still come clean if you do? That is the one thing that is holding me back right now

    1. Aimee, sometimes I use a little hairspray, but in general no, I don't use any products. I find that my hair washes clean w/out any trouble even when I do use hairspray. Definitely search around the web though, I know there are other women doing this who use products.

    2. Aimee

      I decided to give it a try this weekend and so far it just feels plain awful! I don't really have anywhere to go that I need to fix my hair for so I'm really going to try and stick with it. I do agree, though, that it already feels fuller.

    3. Aimee

      I just wanted to give you an update and maybe get some more advice from you. I am on day 19 and have been following the 3-4 days in between washes. Last week I had a great hair day where my hair felt awesome and clean! My wash day was yesterday and I totally feel like I just washed my hair in oil. I can't even stand my hair today! Do you have any advice? I really want this to work but I'm on the verge of going back to shampoo just b/c it feels terrible still.

    4. Aimee, hang in there, it can take more than three wks. Also, have you been searching the web. There are variations of the No Poo method that might work better for your hair type. What kind of mixture are you using now? Also, how much product do you use on your hair on the "non-wash" days?

    5. Aimee

      I am using just a bit more of 1 T of bs w/ 1 c water and 1 T acv w/ one cup water. I did leave it on a bit too long the other day and I wonder if that is where the oilyness came through. I have only used product on 1 occasion, but since then I haven't used any since I'm trying to get my oil balanced. I will keep trying a bit longer and then I may have to give in....but only to some organic shampoo I researched. Thank you!

  5. Christie S

    I might try this. I've been making my own shampoo for quite a while. It consists of Bronner's castile soap, coconut milk, and olive oil. I was rinsing with 50/50 white vinegar and water too, but realized the vinegar was drying to my scalp. My hair is naturally curly and it's okay, but it still seems stringy sometimes. There's really no good time to try this and be prepared for oily hair is there? LOL I'm just thinking everyone at church will be like ewwww (they really wouldn't because they love me, but still...). With this rash on my face plus greasy hair...oh dear. But I should do it before my mom gets here in 15 days...wish me luck!

  6. Hello Angie!

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    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Ellen Eves
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  7. Anonymous

    Hi Angie, I see you posted "No Poo Results" 11 months ago. I was wondering if you are still a "no poo" ambassador? I am thinking of giving it a try 🙂 - Tracey

  8. Have you heard from anyone with psoriasis? I am currently trying to calm the psoriasis on my scalp with a 1/2 apple cider vinegar 1/2 water wash, but am still using regular shampoo and conditioner. I am thinking the no-poo method may actually help the psoriasis. I am going to give it a try...

    1. Hi ZauchaMom-
      I have not heard from anyone w/ Psoriasis specifically, but I would stop using at least the conditioner & then go from there. You also need to dial in diet or changes on what you do to the outside of your body won't help much. Thanks for reading here!!

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  10. Vicky

    You didn't mention your conditioning method, do you leave the ACV in your hair or do you rinse it out afterwards. I'm only asking because I've heard of people leaving it in their hair.


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