About A Thirty-Four Year Old

Ever since I turned 21 I've taken time around my birthday each year to write a little something about what I am like at that age.  Sometimes it was a poem, sometimes it was practically a manifesto.  I've lost many of those scribbles, some are tucked away in keepsake boxes, and some of them are here on this blog.

Last year, my 33rd birthday, I didn't write anything.  I was so sick at this time last year, that to be honest, I felt like turning 33 was just an invitation to yet another year of misery and progressing illness.  I was literally just weeks away from my Celiac diagnosis, but I felt a deep sense of hopelessness and dreaded trying to move forward in a declining body.  (That's right, my one year diagnosis birthday is right around the corner.  Stay tuned for that blog celebration.)

This year is a whole new start and I am geniunely excited to reflect on who I am at 34.  So here are five things about a 34 year old:

1)  I would never, ever have thought of myself in this way . . . but I am a fantastic cheerleader.  I am so lucky, because I get the chance every single day to encourage people to make the enormous transition to a healthy Paleo lifestyle.  I get to answer their questions and help them get over hurdles through my involvement with Team Paleo Mom.  I get to tell the true stories of what it is like to do this for a whole audience right here on my blog.  And I've done such a good job adopting it myself that I literally text, email, Facebook, or call no less than three different people every day with words of encouragement.  I have a gift for motivating and inspiring . . . who knew?

2)  I see myself as part of a revolution.  I have always been the sort to be interested in just enough rebellion.  Just enough.  Then I got super sick and had horrifying experiences looking at the inside operations of "the machine."  My experience made me realize that literally what we put in our mouths could change our world.  Now, I'm a committed and vocal revolutionist.  No more "just enough."  Today, my revolutionary act . . . teach someone new how to stop eating poison.

3)  I still love beer.  Yep.  It's true.  I love it.  I've had a whole year of not touching it to think about it.  I will never put a drop of it in my mouth again, 'cause the facts are the facts . . . it's poison, but I do have fond memories.  Sigh.  Breaking up with a bad boy always leaves bittersweet memories.  😉

4)  I love my husband and daughter more.  I mean, that isn't so unusual, people sort of naturally grow to love their families more with each passing year, but this year it is different for me.  Their support of me through sickness and health is now much, much more than just words.  It is a clear, concrete action.  A year ago, I was considering a psychiatric ward.  I only kept looking for an answer, because of them.

5)  This is my 300th blog since the first one in March of 2009.  At that time I had about 80 reads a month.  As of latest stats, I now have over 3,000 a month.  I guess I'm 34 and a real blogger now.

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