Meet A Paleo Newbie

Meet Tristin!  Tristin is one of my co-workers.  I gave a Paleo presentation at my office in late December, after which most of the women I work with decided to give Paleo a shot starting in January.  Tristin was hesitant at the start, but she is now one of the strongest “converts.”  She even makes her own Paleo mayo!  She is in her early 20’s and doing straight Paleo, with no reason to suspect she needs Autoimmune Protocol.  Recently, I asked her some questions about going Paleo, since I thought readers who have not yet “made the switch” would be interested in a newbie perspective.  

1.   When did you start?  How long have you been doing it?
I started Paleo Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 and have been doing it for a little over two weeks.
2.     How did you learn about it?
I learned about Paleo from one of my awesome co-workers who has been doing it for about nine months. I also was really excited because another co-worker had started it about 3 months ago and had some great results and health changes from doing Paleo.
3.     What motivated you to give it a try?
After learning more information I was most excited about seeing results and being able to help others. I have also struggled with acne for the past five years and thought maybe Paleo could help my complexion.
4.     Before you began, what seemed the most difficult?
I thought the most difficult part would be to understand how to read labels and if it was something I could really do.
5.     After beginning, what are the greatest challenges?
The greatest challenge now is preparation. Sometimes it is a little rough to find the time to devote to preparing meals ahead of time. It’s important to remember mind over matter and just push through the moments when you don’t “feel” like doing something because after you do it you are always thankful and excited for pushing through it.
6.     What has been the greatest benefit? 
I have so much energy! I had a lot of energy before starting Paleo but not this kind of energy. I love that in the morning when my alarm goes off I am up and ready to start my day – this has been so awesome for morning workouts.
7.     What new info about nutrition surprised you the most?
The amount of soy in products…who knew it was in what seems like EVERYTHING!
8.     Do you plan to continue?
Oh absolutely…now that I have become used eating this way I cannot imagine not continuing. I am excited to see how I feel after my first 30 days.
9.     What is your new favorite Paleo dish?
Anything that is sweet. I was always more of a salty snack person, but after cutting out sweets it has been something I really want so anything that I can make that has sweets in it is great. I love making coconut macaroons or paleo brownies – both are super easy and delicious
10.  What non-Paleo food do you still miss?
Bread…oh my gosh I miss bread so much. And occasionally I really want a block (not just a piece) of cheese. But again mind over matter, I just grab some banana chips or organic dark chocolate and the temper tantrum I was throwing in my mind is over haha.
11.  Have you learned new skills in the kitchen as a result of cooking so much more?
Growing up I was always in the kitchen watching and cooking with my moms. I am excited about being able to utilize the skills I learned from her.
12.  Have there been any unexpected changes? 
Nothing unexpected yet but I am sure the best is yet to come – which I am super pumped about!
13.  Who would you encourage to try Paleo?
My grandmother has type 2 diabetes…I would love for her to become disciplined enough to try Paleo. Also, my mother suffers from thyroid disease so I think Paleo would definitely be something that would help her overall health tremendously.

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