5 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Look Ill & Other Misconceptions

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing this. I have suffered almost the exact same experiences. I had to quit my job last year because I was in so much pain and so exhausted. Not one person from work came to see me. I think they believed I was just tired of working and quit. Your blog is so helpful. Know you are making a difference in the world.

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  3. apelila

    Thanks for posting about this truth. I have Hashimoto's, CFS and (so far) a 2 year recovery from breast cancer. I am overweight (though I've been paleo for 2 years) so people ASSume I'm fine because I look "good". My entire body is in constant pain and I feel like all the life has been drained from my body 24/7. It's maddening to hear people say "you look good" because I know they associate being underweight with being unhealthy, so being overweight equates with being lazy and a glutton.


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