I think I might be a Paleo-vangelist.  In May I discovered Paleo & began a version of it called Autoimmune Protocol.  It was so powerful that I haven't stop talking about it for going on eight months now.  I am never going back to eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) ever again.  And I don't even mind.  I've had about four moments lasting approximately 4.6 seconds when I felt I might like to eat something horrifying like a Twinkie or giant slice of fast-food pizza, but in general, I don't even think about those other anti-nourishing food-like substances.  Remember, cheesecake is not medicine, no matter how much we want it to be.

I tell everyone I meet about my autoimmune journey & the power of Paleo.  I write about it here roughly twice a week.  I post about it on my personal Facebook page & on my Alt-ternative Autoimmune Facebook page.  I write about it as a monthly guest blogger for The Paleo Mom, one of the most outstanding Paleo sources out there.  I'm pretty sure I don't have a single close friend that doesn't know how strongly I believe in this health promoting way of life.  As to family members, they know I am a passionate advocate of Paleo.

Here's the thing, I often longed deeply for some form of guidance.  I needed some ship building instructions so I could sail over the dark, scary waters of autoimmunity.  There were people sharing their stories, but they weren't easy to find or they were advocating a totally medical answer that I thought sounded very close to a future of complete misery.  Many of them seemed to be suffering in a deep hole with no insights into how to climb out.  My journey was so intense & so painful that I definitely needed shoulders to cry on & to find those who shared my struggle, but I also needed to hear about templates for healing.  I want to share my story so that others can first relate to another human being & then be inspired to take up the call to arms in the battle for their own personal health.  I think in our society at this moment in time, making the choice to put your health first is nothing short of revolutionary.

Not long ago, a woman I've known since 2007 decided to give it a try.  I was so excited.  She'd been battling pain & other issues for years.  I could see that she was intensely concentrating on managing the pain day in & day out.  I was confident that Paleo could make all the difference in her struggle.  Sure enough.  Thirty days later she was in significantly less pain & even more importantly she has discovered that one of the primary pain triggers was grain.  There was more though.  She looked different.  The transformation over the 30 days was plainly visible.  I couldn't help but gush to her about how fantastic she looked.  She has continued on with no signs of going back to SAD.  Recently, she handed me a note, "Thank you for sharing your story & inspiring me.  You made a true difference in my health."

It made me cry, 'cause that's all I want to do . . . inspire revolutionary acts of personal health one person at a time.  This is the life that God has designed for me.  I can't say that I am able to appreciate that reality every day, but it is up to me to work it.  Use the tools I've been given.  I think I'm a Paleo-vangelist.  (BTW, I am totally trademarking "paleovangelist."  LOL!)

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