The Power of We

Today, October 15th, is Blog Action Day 2012.  In the past I have participated in Blog Action Day to blog about topics like:  Water & Hunger.  This year bloggers in 108 countries wrote about "the power of we."  Thousands of writers all over the world are using their blogs today to focus on one important global topic . . . how working together we can help one another.

There were alot of difficult moments on my way to getting a Celiac diagnosis.  In many instances, I did not get the help I needed from doctors & the medical system in general, but there were also wonderful moments.  Breakthrough moments.  Moments when I tapped into the "power of we" & found the resources I needed.  There were some great doctors (it takes an incredible amount of diligence & patience, but these amazing docs can be found).  However, the really important links for me were just "regular" people.

First, there was my husband.  He did not always understand what was happening, but he truly honored the vow "in sickness & in health."  He has spent hours researching with me, he knows how to carefully scan a label for gluten better than I do, & he has held my hand & prayed through many bouts of severe, scary illness.  He is the most powerful link in my "power of we" chain.

Then, there was my family.  I know, for certain, that at times they all thought I was losing my mind, but none the less, they were there for me.  They offered up their homes as a place for me to recover after surgeries & my Celiac crisis, with no strings attached.  They celebrate with me when I have a healing victory.

Then, there were my friends.  I reached out & wrote to a few of them in the early days of my diagnosis.  Sharing our knowledge, a piece here, a piece there, I slowly discovered the answers I needed to get well.  That sharing of knowledge brings me to the last link in my "power of we" chain.  Strangers.  People I did not even know that were brave enough to share their stories & spread the word about cures they were discovering.  People like The Paleo Mom & Dr. Terry Wahls, became my heroes, as I read the true stories of how they had taken healing into their own hands with dramatic results.

Together we can move powerfully.  We can support one another to do things as miraculous as recover from deep illness.  We can make our lives happier & healthier.  All it takes is tapping into the power of we.

There are lots of resources on the web to help you begin tapping into the "power of we."  For more information on Celiac Disease or other autoimmune disorders check out these sites:

 Celiac Central

Celiac Disease Foundation

Celiac Sprue Assocation

The University of Chicago Celiac Center

American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association

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