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I promised last time that my next blog would be about some of the enormous lifestyle changes that came with eating Paleo/AIP.  Living outside our accepted food system is surprisingly tricky on many levels.  I have been shocked at the intensity of the mental battles it has involved.  It is a huge part of the story I really want to tell.  However, I got so many requests for information about how to start the "self healing" process, that I decided to redirect so I could share sources with all of you.
A few important points, before I list all these fantastic websites & blogs though.  If you are considering beginning any of this, you must admit there is a problem.  Yeah,  I said that.  I literally think one should begin a journey of self healing with the same step an alcoholic takes when beginning sobriety.  I think you have to be willing to say to yourself, "I am ill."  I actually did this several months before I got my Celiac diagnosis.  Although I obviously could feel all the effects of being ill, it was still very hard for me to admit how ill I was & be ready to do whatever it was going to take to stop being ill.  It was actually very powerful to say those words to myself.  Even if you are not currently ill, but you want to try a new way of caring for yourself it could be powerful to say, "I do not want to become ill."
Then you need to say, "I do not accept being this ill."  (Or, "I only accept remaining healthy.")  I'm not talking about a cold or a flu here either.  I'm talking about the "big I."  Ill that you can feel in your whole system, ill that affects your soul.  You need to be willing to drop all your beliefs about our food & health care systems & give a new way a shot.  I saw an great quote recently that said, "Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding a disease or fighting it."  Personally, I have found this to be absolutely true, but our system is still not very open to the idea.  It did not take me long after my Celiac diagnosis to be ready to recognize how harmful our food system is & how broken our health care system has become.  I was fed up very quickly & more than motivated to try a totally different approach.
(A little note here:  I am not a doctor hater and certainly not an agriculture hater.  As messy as our system is, I know for a fact that it could be much worse.  I just think the arrangement we have is undeniably not working.  It is readily apparent that the methods we are using to identify & treat illness are failing.  More apparent still, that the ways we currently mass produce food are contributing to our poor health.  I don't think this has so much to do with individuals, as much as it does the whole faulty framework.)
Finally, you need to start believing you can heal yourself.  My doctors are my partners in helping me reach my goal of health.  The have special training, knowledge & access that I need, but they are not authorities on the topic of me.  I came to understand that I am not a textbook case & neither is anyone else.  I have to take the lead on what is necessary for me.  
I am not 100% there yet.  I am still learning about parts of my system that have been damaged by my disease.  I am still working to figure out the right approach to healing each system.  I am still wrapping my mind around what it means to drop all my former beliefs about food & health care.  I am still trying to put all the right techniques into practice.  I am by no means a master of this stuff . . . I just figured out a little bit about healing thy self & wanted to tell you all the story.
There are TONS of amazing resources out there to help you.  (Have I mentioned lately how much I heart the web?)  Check out the following sites for great info by clicking on the highlighted links:
The Power of We:  For specific clinical info about autoimmune diseases or Celiac check out the links in this post of mine.
Dr. Terry Wahls:  This lady is one of my heroes.  She is curing herself of progressive MS without drugs & proving it works through clinical trials with others.
The Paleo Mom:  Again, this lady is one of my heroes.  She is using her Ph.D. science research background to help others learn about how & why Paleo/AIP works & using herself as an experiment to prove it.
Weston A. Price Foundation:  This is a nutrition education foundation that works to get the good word on healthy eating out.  (I do not follow all their suggestions, especially about dairy, but they had lots of solid info here.)
Chris Kresser:  After fighting illness himself, this guy figured it all out & is now providing lots of info to others on how to do it.
Mark Sisson:  This guys put it all together & now his life goal is to help 10 million people reach full health.
Against All Grain:  This lady has Ulcerative Colitis & after years of suffering & her docs telling her that food was not a factor, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She has lots of great recipes.
CaveGirlEats:  This lady is a Nutritional Therapy Practicioner & her mission is to let people know that a whole-foods, traditional-diet isn’t "hippie-ism," it’s science.  She is also super funny.
Paleo Parents:  This family lives Paleo & it has resulted in a 200 pound weight loss for them.  They are very funny & open & also have lots of good tips about getting your kiddos on board.
This is only a small start.  There are so many good sources out there about how to adopt a Paleo lifestyle & change your life.  Arm yourself with the right knowledge & then heal thy self!!

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2 thoughts on “Heal Thy Self

  1. Mary Dowell

    I just said to myself, "I need someone to manage this (my illness(es)!)" I feel like I need a degree in nutrition and medicine just to survive, but I will and I am grateful for all the information available.

  2. Jean

    What would someone do who needs to gain weight? My dd is afraid to try Paleo AIP because of the reports of people losing weight eating healthy fats. She has none to spare. As a matter of fact, after a recent virus, she's probably 20 pounds underweight.


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